Best sounding David Bowie albums on the RCA CDs (only)?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by pig whisperer, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. LouReed9

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    Philly Burbs
    Wow! So is there any real way of knowing what you actually have?
  2. John Simpson

    John Simpson Forum Resident

    St Albans, England
    Ahhh you are correct. The German PinUps disc is made in Japan.
  3. George P

    George P Love Will Lead Us

    For that, I think a poll would be nice...
  4. Ron Mexico

    Ron Mexico Forum Resident

    Raleigh, NC, USA
    :edthumbs: I was fortunate enough to find this gem for $6.99 at a local FYE store two weeks ago. It sounds great!
  5. joelee

    joelee Senior Member

    The WG RCA CD sounds fantastic also!
  6. Hawthorn

    Hawthorn Member

    Weren't all WG RCA Aladdin Sane discs made in Japan?

  7. CardinalFang

    CardinalFang New Member

    There were definitely some WG titles that were only made in Japan... I believe Pinups was one of the titles.
  8. George P

    George P Love Will Lead Us

    I just found three Japan Bowie RCA CDs today:

    1. Ziggy Stardust

    2. Fame and Fashion

    3. Pin Ups

    Any thoughts on these three Japan RCA CDs?
  9. pdovore

    pdovore Active Member

    My Japan RCA The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars: Japan, catalog number PCD1-4702 sounds very detailed but a little rough when compared to Polygram discs (though still an extremely fun and great album). I would expect the WG RCA disc to be more refined, though exactly how much I wouldnt know - they are very rare in New Zealand.
  10. RussellG

    RussellG Forum Resident

    Hi, and welcome to the forum. Which Bowie CD's are you referring to by "Polygram"? Apart from the RCA's, AFAIK the other two editions are the Ryko/EMI's and the current Virgins?
  11. audiospirit

    audiospirit Active Member

    For some (unknown for me) reason WG RCA Bowie cds is very rare.I have no idea why,may they was pressed in low initial quantities (which is strange) or they was recalled all from stores and after destroyed? EMI early remasters is much more widely available. Even Ryko USA cds is more easy to find in Germany than WG RCA's.
  12. Curiosity

    Curiosity Portable Audio Fan

    United Kingdom
    Fame and Fashion: Sounds very natural in the mid band to me on TVC 15 and Ashes To Ashes (bought my copy from Classifieds).
  13. Curiosity

    Curiosity Portable Audio Fan

    United Kingdom
    I'm sure he's referring to the WG discs that were pressed at PolyGram/PDO Hanover, West Germany (you'll spot the xxxx xxx 0* PolyGram code plus the RCA number in the matrix). PDO did work for RCA/BMG, EMI, WEA and obviously PolyGram itself back then.
  14. RussellG

    RussellG Forum Resident

    Ah right, I see those numbers on my WG Space Oddity.
  15. monewe

    monewe Forum Resident

    Must admit to liking Ziggy Japan RCA disc a lot as even though I love the album I can't seem to listen to it in any other mastering.
  16. pdovore

    pdovore Active Member

    Hi and thanks for the welcome.
    Referring to the overall warm, rich and textured sound of the Polygram discs circa 83-86, rather than a direct comparison to my Victor "Ziggy". Apologies for confusion!
    I have nil RCA Bowie German discs to compare (alas) but hoping one will pop up at our excellent large local seconds store - which happens to be the largest used music store in the Southern Hemisphere!
  17. RussellG

    RussellG Forum Resident

    Yes I'm with you now - you were talking about the sound of the early WG CD's in general...a sentiment I certainly agree with. Like those awesome Dire Straits discs!

    I was able to compare the WG and Japan Space Oddity. Both are good, but I preferred the WG - it just seemed to convey a bit more power.

    I wasn't aware there was a large used store in Auckland. I might have to come over and check it out! We have a chain in Melbourne called Dixons that is great - the stores aren't massive, but there are five of them spread around town.
  18. The only Bowie album I thought improved when his catalog moved to Ryko
    ca. 1990 was 'Diamond Dogs', which was pretty hissy/noisy on RCA.

    All the other titles: RCA all the way for me!
  19. Stick with the RCA. The SACD sounds like this:
  20. pdovore

    pdovore Active Member

    You should! Im forever disappointed with the used stores in Australia - surprisingly small considering the population.
    Real Groovy is on Upper Queen St in the city center. What makes this store so good is that it has a business agreement with Amoeba Records who have enormous used stores in the USA and Amoeba supplies RG with stock frequently.
    Just how good the stock is, is indicated by the fact I have found 18 WG Targets in just the last 3 months and 1 Japan Target. When I get to 50 posts (not very hard!) and 1 month I intend to open a "Target Swap" thread here and I wonder how successful that will be?

  21. pig whisperer

    pig whisperer CD Member Thread Starter

    Tokyo, Japan
    I picked up the RCA "Changes Two Bowie". I used to have the vinyl and I can't believe I waited this long to buy it on CD. I like Bowie's "funky" stuff.


    Aladdin Sane
    Oh! You Pretty Things
    Ashes To Ashes

    Sound And Vision
    Wild Is The Wind
    John I'm Only Dancing (Again) 1975

    I am glad the "Wild Is The Wind" is here. "WITW" or "TVC15"?
  22. Curiosity

    Curiosity Portable Audio Fan

    United Kingdom
    I'd hate to steal your thunder, Darcy, however I also got the CD of changestwobowie yesterday. Went for $11 CDN on the 'bay. :angel:
    It'll make an interesting listening session.
  23. RussellG

    RussellG Forum Resident

    We're probably getting a bit off-topic here, but that's really impressive. I've never seen a single Target nor a Bowie RCA in several months of looking in Dixons over here. Let's bring it back on-topic - have you seen many Bowie RCA's there?
  24. pdovore

    pdovore Active Member

    True, yes I picked up that "Ziggy" Japan RCA around two weeks ago At Real Groovy. Before that I can't say since I wasn't focussing on them.
    When I have purchased a WG RCA and am able to make a comparison i'd be interested in the differences.
    For now, i'm very happy with the Japan pressing. Very clean and full of energy.
  25. pig whisperer

    pig whisperer CD Member Thread Starter

    Tokyo, Japan

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