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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by hackster, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. hackster

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    southern WV, USA
    okay... i'm trying to get my vintage tt going... as stated before (in the vintage pics thread), i really love this thing (albeit "lo-fi")...

    the platter was stuck, used lighter fluid over the course of 2 or days soaking the spindle, and now have the platter off.

    with the platter off, i was curious to make sure the motor still worked, and so i plugged it in and (with no platter or belt) the little silver drive cam does indeed begin turning. however, there is a slight wobble to this drive when it is turning. is that a problem?

    also, the "cycle" button does nothing to start the process of the tonearm cycling thru to pick up, move over, and lower onto a record... even though there is no platter or belt (i would have caught it before it dropped) should the "cycle" button do anything with the platter/belt removed?

    sorry for the dumb questions... i'd really like to fix this thing... i guess it's a sentimental thang (i owned one in the late 70's)...
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    The works underneath are also frozen, use the same method to free them, clean them and re-lube them.
  3. P2CH

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    I would thing that it's the platter that operates the cycle. Is there a gear that rides on the platter spindle area?

    I don't know this TT but that's how all the others operate that I've seen.
  4. hackster

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    southern WV, USA
    yes, there is a large red plastic gear that does indeed mesh with the geared bottom end of the platter (where it slides down over top of the spindle). yeah, it would then only work with the operation of the platter.

    as best that i can, i will clean and lube the mechanism under the deck of the tt where all the mechanical parts are that drive the "auto" functions.

    i called an electronics repair shop about an hour away from my home, and the guy sez they can probably fix it... but first maybe i'll try to clean everything back up and put it together and see how it does...

    once i get the spindle all cleaned off, i read one website that recommended lithium grease back on the spindle... is that good, or anyone know of something better?

    thanks to everyone for all the good advice...
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  6. action pact

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  7. P2CH

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    I wouldn't use lithium grease. I think that stuff is made from soap. It also tends to dry out and get funky.

    I would apply a light amount of some standard axle grease to the bearing assembly and then some standard oil to the shaft. Just enough to do the job, no more.

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