Big Country - Not in Kansas - The Live Bootleg Box Set 1993-1998 5CDs

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  1. Maybe I'm not as picky but knowing that these are bootleg performances that th band chose to release (and they don't sound exactly like some of the file sharing ones I've heard of the same performances), there has been an effort to clean these up and make them sound better where possible. For what I paid, I have no regrets. Frankly, I don't think this is an insult at all--they are what thy claim to be so no false advertising in the title. Simon Murphy has done a very good job of prepping these for release. Do they have the limitations of bootlegs? Yep but these don't sound any worse than the King Crimson various live performances from similar type sources and actually sound better than many boots out there.
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  2. Ok, well at least one show is a waste with some idiot singing along to the songs, one is in not so good mono and two are worthwhile audience recordings. The Tower show is good for historical reasons but the mono recording sounds like it was done on a small handheld cassette.not so good but I've heard worse.
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    5 discs of the worst sounding cds I've ever heard. When I heard this was coming out I was excited. What a let down this set is.
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  4. I guess holding off ordering this set was fortuitous.
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  5. Not good sound on all of this set. At least two concerts sound
    I think the first show on disc one and two sounds decent. The one from Tower and where the guy sings along for the entire show is pretty awful but, on the hole, two decent shows out of five I'm OK with but I would suggest that people listen to this on Spotify to judge for themselves.
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    If the first show is the best - or one of the best - then.... whew boy, this is a buzzkill - just got mine, ripped it and am listening (granted, listening thru computer but still).

    Box was cheap so, no harm no foul. Too bad though. Probably will not spend much time on this at all. Oh well.
    I guess I can partly blame myself for not taking "bootleg" more at face value.
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    Unlike Dylan's bootleg series this Big Country set is truly bootleg.
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