Billy Corgan - OGILALA (new solo album, produced by Rick Rubin)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by amoergosum, Aug 22, 2017.

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    Don't hold your breath!
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    Baltimore MD
    What's up with that weird vibrato thing with Billy's voice?
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  3. DHamilton

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    Not sure how I feel about this new single yet...:sigh:. Never really liked anything RR touched either. Will try to keep an open mind though.
  4. Cerebus

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    I'd bet on Melissa before D'arcy. From what I've heard she hasn't picked up her bass in almost 20 years, and it would be difficult to go from that to a tour.
  5. amoergosum

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    May 2016:

    "I see that it's D'arcy Wretzky's birthday today: So a big and happy B-Day to her from here! I'm encouraged to hear that she is playing music once more, and writing songs," Corgan wrote of the band's former bassist. "As I've often said, no one had better musical discernment in our band than she."

    Billy Corgan 'Encouraged' D'arcy Wretzky Playing Music Again
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    Minneapolis, MN
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  7. FourWalledWorld

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    Billy is streaming daily live performances on his Facebook - William Patrick Corgan

    In addition to the new single, he also played some pre-Gish tracks - "I Fall" and "Vanilla".
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  8. amoergosum

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  9. FourWalledWorld

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  10. amoergosum

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    Guitar version:

  11. FourWalledWorld

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    New track "The Spaniards":
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  12. ponkine

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    Being a long time Pumpkins fan, 'Aeronaut' eally impresses me a lot

    It does sound like 'Adore' era, but Billy's voice is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL HERE.
    I think it never sounded like that on records before.

    In general, do not like Rick Rubin production at all. But in this case, it works. And how it works!

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  13. amoergosum

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    Flashback...2016 version:

  14. ponkine

    ponkine Forum Resident

    This is another beautiful track

    It's clear that Rubin worked a lot on Billy's voice

  15. PlushFieldHarpy

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    That's a pretty cool video. I like the song too.
  16. amoergosum

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    Germany show:

    Berlin Live: William Patrick Corgan | ARTE Concert | ARTE

    Berlin Live: William Patrick Corgan
    (solo, acoustic)
    Live from the Schwuz, Berlin
    Webstream on

    01. Zowie
    02. Processional
    03. The Spaniards
    04. Aeronaut
    05. The Long Goodbye
    06. Half-Life Of An Autodidact
    07. Mandaryne
    08. Antietam
    09. If I Were A Carpenter
    10. To Sheila
    11. Disarm
    12. Muzzle
    13. Drum + Fife
    14. Try, Try, Try
    15. Wish You Were Here [Pink Floyd]
    16. Tonight, Tonight
    17. (encore break)
    18. Today
    19. Cherry

  17. pghmusiclover

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  18. amoergosum

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    Thanks! I'm really album since Zeitgeist!

    Dynamic Range:

    DR Peak RMS Filename

    DR8 -3.35 dB -13.69 dB 20170929_fl_bc01.mp3
    DR7 -3.22 dB -12.54 dB 20170929_fl_bc02.mp3
    DR6 -3.33 dB -10.64 dB 20170929_fl_bc03.mp3
    DR7 -3.43 dB -11.82 dB 20170929_fl_bc04.mp3
    DR7 -3.37 dB -12.24 dB 20170929_fl_bc05.mp3
    DR7 -3.22 dB -11.73 dB 20170929_fl_bc06.mp3
    DR9 -3.37 dB -13.95 dB 20170929_fl_bc07.mp3
    DR7 -3.38 dB -12.00 dB 20170929_fl_bc08.mp3
    DR7 -3.36 dB -11.77 dB 20170929_fl_bc09.mp3
    DR7 -3.28 dB -12.05 dB 20170929_fl_bc10.mp3
    DR8 -3.34 dB -13.75 dB 20170929_fl_bc11.mp3

    Number of files: 11
    Official DR value: DR7
  19. Kill Uncle Meat

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  20. pinkrudy

    pinkrudy Forum Resident

    This is a beautiful album. I haven't truly liked anything since adore. I actually think his first solo album(future embrace) was the best thing he had done. I connected with it much more than machina1&2, teardrop,oceania,zeigest, and monument to elegy....

    This new album is also better to me than all those. If i have 1 complaint it is that it is a bit monotonous. I mean every song is an acoustic guitar or piano with not much else but strings. T he first album had drums(computer beats?) electric guitars.
    My initial thought is i might think future embrace has the edge on this. But i have to live with both for a while. I am a bit sad future embrace is not on vinyl.
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  21. Orthogonian Blues

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    London, UK
    DR of 7? That's not going to be good for this kind of music. Bloody Rick Rubin...

    Does anyone have any word about how the vinyl version compares to the CD?
  22. Edwin Hawley

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    Okobojo, SD
    Just saw a commercial for Fallon tonight: "William Patrick Corgan". LOL. Get over yourself Billy. You'll always be Billy.
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  23. zphage

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    This is very encouraging sounding, still need to wait to see if I'll buy it.
  24. amoergosum

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  25. opiumden

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    I like the album, but from what I hear it seems like this record's been Rick Rubin-ed, albeit its "acoustic" nature. I simply cannot listen to it on headphones.

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