Billy Joel Greatest Hits 1 &2 on Vinyl

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by rich100, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. rich100

    rich100 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Middle of England
  2. Dave S

    Dave S Forum Resident

    It's a MFSL edition. Why would you consider it pricey?
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  3. mbrownp1

    mbrownp1 Forum Resident

    Well the OG pressings are going for about the same amount in USD on eBay right now...and they aren't necessarily in Mint condition. Up to you.
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  4. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    The SACD ain't cheap either!:D

    Are they really coming out this week? Surely there'd be a thread (before this one) by now?
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  5. Dave S

    Dave S Forum Resident

    Yes, I saw that one. Not cheap, but what MFSL is cheap (apart from the ones Amazon can't sell).
  6. c-eling

    c-eling Forum Resident

    I have a US Sterling cut of this, since it was released simultaneously with the compact disc, to my ears it provided zero benefit because of the format. I prefer the compact disc
    Yes Bobby I believe there is a thread on it.
    I would go for the MFSL lp over the old pressing
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  7. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    I don't think any of the Joel SACDs are OOP. Amazon seem to have them all in stock.

    I got the Cars "Heartbeat City" SACD from an Amazon MP seller for £23. I didn't think that was bad.
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  8. rich100

    rich100 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Middle of England
    I don't have anything from this label yet, worth the premium then generally speaking?
  9. Dave S

    Dave S Forum Resident

    I think it's a case by case basis. I always wait for the reviews before purchasing.
  10. In many cases, yes. Certainly compared with a regular reissue cut from a digital source. Not always better than an original, provided you could find one in mint condition, but often that's impossible.
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  11. Dave S

    Dave S Forum Resident

    Yes, not bad, but it's still more than the standard price of a CD+Bluray set. The vinyl is a bit more expensive than some 45rpm 2LP sets such as Rumours.
  12. rich100

    rich100 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Middle of England
    Sounds way too sensible :) Thanks
  13. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    I don't buy vinyl, so I'm spared that hassle.:)

    Don't think I've ever had a MOFI SACD under £20.
  14. Brian Barker

    Brian Barker Forum Resident

    I know it says one disc there on Amazon's page, but I think it's supposed to be three. At least that was the original plan from MFSL, and would contain both Honesty and Don't Ask Me Why, and the other four tracks omitted from the original vinyl release. But that was the track listing I saw a couple of years ago.
  15. Tyler

    Tyler Forum Resident

    Looks like Mobile Fidelity is finally shipping The Greatest Hits Vol. I & II, seems like this was announced years ago. It's expensive too at $84.99.
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  16. Spitfire

    Spitfire Senior Member

    Pacific Northwest
    Music Direct has a 20% off vinyl sale so it's 67.99 today.
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  17. sonofjim

    sonofjim Forum Resident

    I have two copies of the original vinyl and they're pretty quiet. The question I guess is can MoFi do it better? Was the original vinyl all analog or from the same source as the CD as was often done? I guess I'd hesitate to spend $84 unless I knew this was just a wonderful release.
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  18. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    Do you know if the SACD is going to be released too?
  19. soundboy

    soundboy Forum Resident

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  20. Malinky

    Malinky Forum Resident

    You can pick up the original of this for £1 at any car boot sale here in the UK, not sure that the remastered quality is worth paying for, and it`s not a particularly good opinion.
  21. c-eling

    c-eling Forum Resident

    Looking at a couple SPEK's from the US it appears to be a hodgepodge. Some for example Piano Man has a telltale cut-off, while others have full analog range. Since I think this comp has edits and single versions, they may have been digitally mixed for the later ones. This could of been proven a nightmare for MFSL and why it took so long. Just a guess Jim :)
  22. dobyblue

    dobyblue Forum Resident

    For me it's a great option, it's got the vast majority of songs I love on it and I don't want to spend all that money buying all the albums individually...the only albums I want in full are Storm Front which doesn't have an audiophile release (KG did a great job with the Friday Music cut but the pressing house sucks) and The Stranger which I have the incredible 5.1 SACD of.

    Much more palatable. Thanks for the heads' up.
  23. misterclean

    misterclean Forum Resident

    Cleveland, Ohio
  24. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    MFSL has been hit and miss (but mostly hit) as far as the Billy Joel catalogue. For those of us who are not huge fans and simply want the hits, then this reissue hits the spot.

    Whether or not the new mfsl will blow away or even better the sound quality of this compilation to a degree of worthiness remains to be seen.

    But to say this isnt a good greatest hits album is basically to say you arent a Billy Joel fan period.

    With the exception of maybe leaving off "Honesty" and "Leave The Tender Moment Alone" (I dont think the album suffers at all from leaving these two off) this is one of the best greatest hits packages put together for an artist.

    I hope theyve done a great job on this one. Im not a big Billy Joel fan but I do enjoy the fun factor in playing this greatest hits package.

    Ill probably hold out for the same basic mfsl mastering on sacd though.
  25. Malinky

    Malinky Forum Resident

    Thank you, you are of course correct, I should have made clear that I am NOT a Billy Joel fan, and that for anyone who wants all the early hits in one package this is a good compilation.
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