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    I don't think you're supposed to think about that too deeply, because if you did, then you'd find a huge problem with the basic premise itself. Human memory is nothing like it's depicted in the ep - it's not a hi-res video recording that can be played back. Memories are extremely meliable and prone to editing/revision. This is why you aren't supposed to ask leading questions in courts or in scientific research. Memories are far too unreliable to be of much if any use as depicted. At best, you might use them to as leads in a conventional, evidence-based investigation.
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    I mean, yes, the daughter being dead is worse than the daughter being alive. But the episode was about the mother’s obsessive need to know what her daughter was doing, so leaving her in a place where she has no idea and may never have any idea is a more fitting ending for her.
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    I mentioned before in my comments about Metalhead that they did a good rendition of some of Boston Dynamics' actual 'dog' robots. Have a look at these, completely real videos:

    The New SpotMini

    Introducing SpotMini
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    Only watched the first ep so far, so thanks for hiding spoilers!
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    LOVED Metalhead!

    The first Black Mirror that truly scared me and was suspenseful most of the way through!!
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    Although none of the Episodes are openly connected, I wonder if the writer(s) see it as one futuristic world maybe?
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  7. Yep. The human memory also isn't designed to record that much in detail and it can be colored a few moments after something occurs or if a leading question is asked. So you have to give the episode a LOT of suspension of disbelief (it also stated the not true cliché about the humans not using 40% of their brain). If you do, you'll enjoy the episode besides, this episode isn't so much about the science and more about the moral and personal damage of what occurs in the first act.
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    One small connection I pointed out earlier in the thread.... In Arkangel, Sara has a "Tusk" poster on her bedroom wall. Tusk being one of the characters from Hated In The Nation.
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  9. I think the show has a loose common background that they are building up. It makes it easier than recreating the future with each episode although there may be some that don't use that shared future.
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    they showed that in the episode when the clothing changed color after a suggestion during the memory playback. I agree though, better not to examine the premise too closely and just accept and enjoy

    good thing the hamster was awake and paying attention.
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    I take short notes of shows that I watch and I notice every Black Mirror episode contains the word creepy. For instance the Captain Kirk in 401.
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    I have to wonder about that. Now, my memory may be a little faulty :) but I don't think there was much if any overt crossover material in the first two seasons. They were more standalone, as an anthology series should be, with very different themes.

    I agree that now there is a lot more of a 'shared universe' feel where even the same themes are being used over and over again - such as virtual avatars of real people in simulations. So the shared universe might just be because Brooker is running out of ideas and is just recycling or repackaging themes already explored.
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  13. Well there are only 36 dramatic situations.
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    Although I've enjoyed the first three episodes of season 4, I do think the older ones at their best were more intense, especially season 1 episode 1 ("The National Anthem") and season 3 episode 3 ("Shut up and Dance"). Technology and social media seem to be two main motifs in many of the episodes.
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    Not to be a smart-****, but that is the entire premise of the show....:D
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    Binged the eps. over New Year's. Love the overall Twilight Zone meets cyberpunk vibe this series has.
    My takes:
    USS Callister (10/10) - loved everything about it, edge of seat stuff with so many great ideas. Just saw this could spinoff into a series and why not!
    Arkangel (6/10) - Meh it was okay didn't like the direction (sorry Jody) the script was obvious, acting was alright. Okay next...
    Crocodile (7/10) - Pretty dark but good performances enhance it. Like the bleak landscapes and the recall technology.
    Hang the DJ (9.98/10) - Right away I went okay The Smiths "Panic" I like it already. We meet the characters and bam I'm in, hook line and sinker. Like a good Twilight Zone you know it's leading somewhere but you gotta wait. The payoff is legit, not Burgees Meredith stepping on his glasses legit, but still thought provoking in this day of Tinder/Blendr/Grindr. The two acting leads were perfect.
    Metalhead (7/10) Robodog. Next.
    Black Museum (7/10) - Like the premise and good payoff but too long.

    Final score = 72% = not a waste of time
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    I liked arkangel more than you and metalhead a lot less but otherwise I agree :edthumbs:
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    Ep. 1 was fantastic. Funny and creepy. Reminded me of "I have No Mouth and I Must Scream" in a way. Black Mirror is definitely the best Sci-fi television show produced in decades. Makes other American attempts look pathetic, including "Westworld." Or should I say especially "Westworld." What make this show work is fantastic production coupled with good, solid, old school inventive stories. Real sci-fi lives!
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    You gotta be kidding me. Westworld is one of the very finest examples of excellent scifi, dealing with intelligent themes of existentialism and identity. It is a jewel in the TV scifi landscape.
  20. Well as I said, they are gradually building up. It takes a couple of seasons for that to occur. I don't think the show is running out of ideas--I think it's interesting to explore elements of another story from a different angle. These themes are explored by novelists. short story writers (and Rod Serling when he did The Twilight Zone) all the time. It brings additional depth.
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    You keep saying that, but plenty of people think it's a slow, crash bore.
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  22. Well it is a slow series but the series took the first season to set up the background and mythology of the series. I'm interested in seeing where season two goes.
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    This one looks as if they tried to use 3 similar underdeveloped stories, which didn't make it to proper episodes.
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    It's basically a Black Mirror greatest hits episode!
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    It reminded me of one of those anthology movies, like Creepshow, Cat's Eye or Twilight Zone: The Movie. It's an anthology within an anthology. Each of those 3 stories had a central character tying the 3 stories together. With that character as the central character, it is one story, told from his point of view. It's basically a confession of his crimes, culminating in that nice little twist at the end. It's a very good episode, in my opinion.

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