Blade Runner 2049

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    I agree. Having avoided ALL info about the movie ahead of time other than it starring Gosling and Ford, I wasn't even sure who the Wallace actor was while watching him. I thought the character was excellent. I was only mildly curious as to who the Jake Gyllenhall look-alike could be....
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    Because it's never been successfully adapted in a wholly satisfying manner... and when you have someone of Denis Villenueve's caliber dreaming for years of making it, only to have the serendipitous confluence of having both the opportunity, the commercial cache, and the resources/creative freedom to do it right this time, you darn well go for it!!!

    There are many pointless remakes out there, but Villenueve's upcoming Dune isn't one of them...
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    Greetings from overcast Philadelphia. Ugh, the ceiling was rattling at every low frequency sound or music swell at my local Cinemark in the XD theater. Following the screening I asked a manager listen during the credits scroll music. I asked another customer in the theater if he heard the noise and he concurred. The manager said the problem was with the George Lucas sound. I have no idea what George Lucas has to do with rattling HVAC or loose ceiling tile struts and was surprised at the explanation. No passes were offered.
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    Interesting, but I feel like Bowie playing the part would've been too distracting and his own persona would have eclipsed the character.
  5. Personally speaking, I think Bowie would have brought the charisma and gravitas needed for the part, not to mention the slightly strange look required. This is the one character in the film I couldn't connect with or take seriously. I can't help thinking Bowie would have been a sublime choice. Still, it wasn't to be.
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    I thought he was perfectly fine and I'm not a Leto fan at all. Either way, he doesn't really have that much screen time overall
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    I was actually surprised by how little he had, and that he was still alive at the end of the movie.
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    The three shorts that proceed 2049 are pretty good and I'd recommend watching those on YouTube prior to the film, though it's not essential. The animated Black Out was especially good, directed by Shinichirō Watanabe who I'm a huge fan of(Cowboy Bebop is one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my life).
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    Saw BR2049 two nights ago and was disappointed. Ridley is losing touch with the unanswered questions going off the reservation as he is doing with the Alien franchise. He and Hampton Fancher wrote the premise. I am not against ambiguity but dramatic irony kicked in early with this movie. I'm going to see it again in a month and see if I change my mind. Both of my twenty something children agree. I primed them with the original before we went .
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    I echo your enthusiasm for Black Out. I also echo your enthusiasm for Bebop - one of the best anime series ever.
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    Which wasnt that good to begin with!!! (I found it one day on VHS and bought it,I didnt care for it to be quite frank)
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  12. Must be a Skywalker THX Theater sound system.
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  14. At the Cinema in Seattle we only got that old 50s Warner Bros cartoon of the dancing frog. "Hello my baby, hello my darling...."
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    Up until she drops her robe, reminds me of the dream sequence at the end of Prince of Darkness.
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    From everything I've read, it seems that Ridley was far more hands-off with BR 2049 than he was with the unspeakably terrible Alien: Covenant. And it shows.

    In the hands of a phenomenal screenplay writer and director, this became a spectacular film. Much in the way that Empire Strikes Back needed a talented director to take Lucas' original project to the next level.
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    Is that a surprise? Scott directed "A:C" but just acted as executive producer on "2049" - one would expect he'd be much less involved with the latter than the former...
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    I'm pretty sure that if they continue with more films he will be the central villain of the next instalment.
  19. and why was Ryan G just left alive on the floor when Harrison Ford was snatched away from the Vegas building? Didn't make sense to me. He was left for the resistance to take him away
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    I could have lived without "the resistance." Zzzzzzzzz. IMO, the wall had already "fallen" if all the replicants knew about it. One big problem for me was the "miracle." I got more of a vibe "spent too much time in therapy" from her than superhuman. So the lovechild of Harrison Ford and Sean Young ..... is Bjork?

    I'll tell you, I came home and finished watching the original "Blade Runner" which I had started a few days before, and in comparison -- the original IS an action film. :p The editing... the pacing....everything .. is so much more spritely! And I never thought I'd say that about BR!
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  21. Edward James Olmos and a flicker of a scene too.
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    Yes. thank God, Ridley Scott didn't have more to do with this film.
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    I like the fact that arthritis has him making BIG origami. :p
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    A couple of possibilities:

    He was left for dead as interpreted by his failed reach for Joi.

    Or more likely:

    As Luv found the rebels' tracking device, if left alive, she could then track K to whoever planted that.
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    Now I see why some people were already suggesting "trims" Some snips here and there and this could be so much better. I'm waiting for the "Studio's cut" for my purchase on disc.
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