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  1. chronic kebab

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    I take it To be fair the trailer doesn't look bad but the beauty of the ending of Blade Runner was the way it made you think and the questions it asked. This is going to take from the impact of Blade Runner's ending.
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  2. will_b_free

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    ^ Not necessarily. Deckard might not say anything about what happened to himself and Rachel after they left Los Angeles.
  3. Solitaire1

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    I agree. The events of Blade Runner occurred quite a while before the time of the new movie, and it is likely that a lot has happened to Deckard since then. From Deckard's point of view at this time, the entire incident of the first movie might have been just another event of his life with time dulling his feelings about what happened.
  4. tommy-thewho

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    Hoping for the best.

    Blade Runner is one of my favorites.
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  5. Squealy

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    I think what he's referring to is that showing us a Rick Deckard who has aged tells us for certain that he wasn't a replicant.
  6. mdm08033

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    Visually didn't we see all this style from Richard Stanley's Dust Devil?
  7. Veltri

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    I'm going to pretend it doesn't necessarily mean that.

    And my justification will be that another of Villeneuve's films had an age issue, but oddly it didn't detract from the film's brilliance.
  8. Taurus

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    Do we know for sure replicants can't age?
  9. I don't think so. I'm sure there will be some mystery left in tact. I'm hoping we aren't given concrete answers to everthing that happened to the spir afterwards or, if we do, it pays off in another way. For example, it's possible that Deckard could be a unique replicant that can age. Remember the motto--more human than human and Deckard didn't have the superhuman strength of any of the other Replicants. Even if it definitely answers the question about him being human, I would be ok with that because I his loss of humanity could be as intended with the original ending--metaphorical and he rediscovered his humanity because of the creatures he hunted.

    Knowing Scott (he is a producer on this), he will probably make it definite that Deckard was a replicant since he made that claim all along.
  10. thegage

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    No. Since they were designed to die after a certain time period, the full life expectancy of a replicant without the self-destruct gene is unknown. Rachel at least--if not Decard, too--would show how a replicant ages.

    John K.
  11. Benefactor

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    I'm excited for this...although a bit gun-shy after the steaming pile of dookie that was "Prometheus".
  12. Deuce66

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    I'm very interested in this one - the movie will be rated "R".

    Denis Villeneuve, the director of Blade Runner 2049, has revealed that the film-makers are aiming for an R-rating for the forthcoming Blade Runner sequel.

    Speaking to Screen, Villeneuve also confirmed that the film wrapped shooting in late November and the editing process has now commenced in Los Angeles.

    “My producers are finding it fun to remind me that it will be one of the most expensive R-rated independent feature films ever made,” Villeneuve disclosed.

    The decision to shoot for an R-rating is likely to have been influenced by the success of Ryan Reynolds’ superhero caper Deadpool in early 2016, which carried an R certificate but made $783m worldwide at the box office, making it the highest-grossing R-rated film ever released.

    'Blade Runner 2049' will be R-rated, confirms Denis Villeneuve »
  13. Holy Diver

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    About time. :D
  14. Bryan

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    I like the teaser, but feel skeptical. I see two distinct possibilities:

    • This keeps the tone of the first film, which wasn't a box office smash at the time, and therefore also underperforms.
    • This has a very different, more action-oriented tone to cater to today's short/no-attention-span audiences.
    I can't see the studio agreeing to the first possibility, so I fear this will be way too different from the original.
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  15. Squealy

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    It may have underperformed at the time, but in the succeeding 35 years it's become a classic. I think people will be expecting something like the original movie.
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  16. Django

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  17. The Panda

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    well, that's a good sign. Having the cazones to go for an R is a plus. Some at the studio probably thought they were choking when they heard that.
  18. Deuce66

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    No doubt there must be a few doubters sitting at the board room table with a pile of stats to back up their positions however I think we live in a different world now, an "R" rating might not be a box office death sentence after all if the success of Deadpool is anything to go by. If the movie is great it won't matter what the rating is.
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  19. Taurus

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    Thanks, didn't know about the self-destruct gene.
  20. Quadboy

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    I've never read the original 1st film book,but a huge flaw in the film implies that the replicants built are super intelligent.
    why? they were to be used as off world Labour.
  21. dachada

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    I am fan of Blade Runner but I always remember this film also has hints of the great sci-fi movement back inspired by a Philip K. Dick novel, Jodorowsky/ Moebius - Incal graphic novel, Syd Mead visuals. Also had kind of a post punk look with electronic music. Everything ahead of his time. Not sure this movie can have the same effect now
  22. dachada

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  23. will_b_free

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    Nope. Leon was quite dumb, and Pris had just enough intelligence to make her work possible. The only Reps with keen intelligence were Zhora - whose intelligence was primarily tactical, being bred to be an assassin - and Roy.

    Roy was potentially as smart as Tyrel himself, because was created to be a leader.
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  24. Well if the look is different enough after all, it's set quite a bit after the first film.
  25. Solaris

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    They'd have to create something that's equally as compelling and groundbreaking, and I'm skeptical of anything this high profile being a paradigm shift at this point. I'm hoping for a good script (which the original didn't have, let's face it) and a minimum of overly computerized-looking visuals. My Spidey senses tell me this is going to be a very different looking film than the first.

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