Blade Runner 2049

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  1. Quadboy

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    you make all the reps the same intelligence.......low.
    Creating Roy to be smarter and a leader is always gonna lead to trouble.
  2. marblesmike

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    It didn't seem like Tyrell was concerned about trouble. Heck, he was trying to push the envelope with the development of new replicants--look at Rachel!
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  3. Quadboy

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    He wasn't concerned?
    His a## fell out when Roy turned up.
    The reps were ants doing a job.
    They didn't require a genius IQ.
    Rachel was different and would have been expected to remain on a pleasure model?
    Tyrell must have realised he was doomed if a Roy type ever returned to earth.
  4. sirmikael

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    That's true, and I was convinced that he was a replicant from the original movie, since there was a scene where his eyes lit up.
  5. will_b_free

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    "more human than human" was Tyrell's goal (and his company's motto for that matter).
  6. will_b_free

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    She would more likely have made her way up the executive ladder at Tyrel Corp. She was already working there after all ("Do you like our owl?"). Her memories were from Tyrell's niece for heavens sakes.

    And since the experiment that she was part of was meant to see if memory implants helped the replicants deal with the feelings that they all developed (so that there would be no need for them to die after four years), they'd want to keep her close to see how that was working.

    Also, replicants were illegal on Earth... Though in the video game, Tyrell was pushing for legislation to be changed, under the pretext that replicants should be allowed on earth to clean up the "kipple" - the debris and radioactive waste that was all along the California shoreline.
  7. neo123

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    2 New Posters:

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  8. :goodie::goodie:
  9. Deuce66

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    the teaser for the trailer...

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  10. Sweet, is that Joanna Cassidy saying "there's an order to things"
  11. Deuce66

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  12. TheVU

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    I think it's hard to make a film noir on a digital camera.
  13. townsend

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    Yeah I'm sure you're (w)right!

    I hope this movie doesn't focus too much on Ford's character. Bladerunner is a young man's game.
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  14. Nope.
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  15. Deesky

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    Sin City looked pretty awesomely noir-ish back in 2005, which was shot with a Sony digital camera.
  16. Ronnie Potchie

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    I guess this answers the Deckard replicant question; an aged android seems absurd and contradicts the story.
    Prefer Philip K. Dick's explanation of why Deckard is human;he loses his humanity hunting/killing them... at the same time the replicants appear to gain thier own...
    "More human than human is our motto" as Tyrell says.

    Was a little hesitant to embrace this when first announced;why make a sequel to one of the best Sci-Fi movies of all time !
    Rarely do they live up to one's expectations.
    Satisfied with the ambiguous ending of the directors cut; the final cut of the film was well done, also.
    I'm keeping an open mind.
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  17. will_b_free

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    Trailer 1 is released!

    Over on Vimeo - for those who want to see it in higher quality - so far Vimeo only has a higher quality version with burned-in subtitles, from Sony France. The French suits it, actually. But, waiting on an English version:
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  18. will_b_free

    will_b_free Forum Resident

    Boulder, CO
    Spoilers for Trailer 01 (avert eyes until you've seen it)

    Vaguely Egyptian, gold light on stone at Tyrell Corp!
    Rachel haircut on the latest Rachel-like assistant!
    Very European looking heavy (thug with the small glasses), like a sketch from the Heavy Metal scifi magazine, but in real life - looks great!
    Pris models looking "prissed off" - disturbing.
    Near the end, Ryan Gossling reaching a possibly inevitable conclusion…you can see it on his face…,

    Makes me wish it was a mini-series, but I appreciate the high budget of the feature film medium, so, can't have it both ways… I accept the film. Eagerly.
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  19. neo123

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    That is Dave Bautista (wrestler) who is also in Guardians Of The Galaxy (plays Drax.)
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  20. longdist01

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    Look forward to a screening on 10/6/17!
  21. mpayan

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    Harrison: I love you

    Ryan: ....I know...

  22. dogpile

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    Ryan will be an awesome Blade Runner :cool:

  23. Yovra

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    I was a bit worried the atmosphere would be ''lighter'' and with more digital gimmicks...but I think I don't need to be. There seems to be the same 'noire'-ish style and pace, just like it should be! Looking forward to this one!
  24. Solitaire1

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    Another factor is the abilities of the replicant. Tyrell hints at this when he tell Roy that the candle that burns twice as bright lasts half as long (if I'm remembering the words correctly). indicating that the enhanced abilities of replicants causes them to basically "burn out" over time so that they would have a shorter lifespan even if it was not intentionally shortened. It could be that a "normal human level" replicant would live a normal human lifespan barring the introduction of intentional limitation on the their lifespan.
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