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    I was really loving Bloodline but the show started falling into a huge hole when Kevin killed Marco. The framing of O'Bannon could never have worked due to the difference between Marco's time of death and when Kevin got shot a number of hours later. Absolutley no way the forensics would have supported Kevin's story!
  2. Man, I'm at Season 2, Episode 4, and John now has to think like Danny to get out of messes.

    John also walks around telling everybody, "We need to talk." He sits in the cab of his ride a lot.

    Kevin is Danny, only Kevin never fell out of favor. Danny permeates everything. He was composed of the worst parts of his parents.
  3. Okay, Season 2 is really heating up around Ep. 6.

    At the start the second season seemed a step down from Season 1, and in many ways it is. On the other hand, the first half of Season 2 all seems relevant now as a big setup for the chickens coming home to roost.

    I'm not sure what the rest of Season 2 will bring, but after episodes 6 & 7, I'm back to being just as riveted as I was during Season 1.

    Oh, and finally John cracks the smallest wrinkle of a smile in Ep. 6. Heh.
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  4. Very good points, but I disagree that they didn't have a good vision of how to end it. With budget cuts, tax laws, and coming back from the very edge of full-on cancellation, they had to truncate a lot of plot lines, and cut whole others just to give closure. The pace of Season 3 bares this out, but I don't believe the very end suffered, only some of the parts leading up to. Everything I've read from the creators was that they had the whole story mapped out, unlike a Breaking Bad, more like Mr. Robot, so they had to do the best they could do with what they had.

    So, yeah, I binged watched all three seasons over pretty much a month. Maybe that helps my perspective. I thought Bloodline was pretty amazing with only a few hickups along the way, but not many. I would certainly recommend it to just about anyone.

    Really, some watchers have tried to skirt around it, but Bloodline was a soap...only on bath salts. In fact, around the house I called it, "My soap." Y'all just think about the way it was structured, how things would skip from one dramatic part to another, without knowing how the character got to a location (I mean, on some days John would visit 4 or 5 different people for "a talk"), and how very soap opera this is. Which, I think is very cool, because they took these soap tropes, and then squeezed and siphoned them through the modern optic of golden-age television, trimming off any cheese. This is what makes Bloodline unlike any other.

    Further, it started to get on my nerves a little bit, because just like a soap, let's say, General Hospital, such-and-such doctor would always get the bad news whilst sitting in his office. It's the same with John. John was either sitting in his office or the cab of his truck, brooding, when someone would call and he'd have to get up and go to them. Indeed, John was almost always in the cab of his truck...brooding. What the hell did he even do at work!? Brood, is what.

    Those niggling bits aside (and they're very small; only use them to draw soap opera parallels), It was just a damned good show!

    Everybody ended up being just like Danny. Danny was the first-born child in a marriage that found itself in nefarious undertakings from the get-go. As new children were made (and died) new secrets were entwined in their lives, and Danny was the figurehead, due to getting beat down by the rest of the bunch.

    If Danny hadn't given John the good advice to hook up with Diane, John might not be where he is today. In fact, I say that the only good choices that John ever made was to be with Diane and become a cop; otherwise, John might have made the perfect criminal. So, by killing Danny John thought that they could escape their ugly curse, but it only brought their curse to the forefront.

    O'Bannon yelled in court, "Why are you doing this to me, John!?" Well, Eric, isn't it obvious? The Rayburns are the O'Bannons, just with a better tailor.
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