Bob Dylan: Bootleg Series Vol. 13

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by DeeThomaz, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. Mbd77

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    I'm also enjoying Lanois' own 'Goodbye To Languague'.
    I hope that if he do see another Dylan/Lanois record it has the 'live production' Lanois sound rather than the 'post production' sound.
    I think that in recent years Lanois has learned how to put the spooky trademark sound into a live situation maybe a little more than he might've in the 1980s or 1990s. I'm imagining a Dylan/Lanois album that sounds something like this:

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  2. Yes, I also like this and Neil Young's Le Noise but I'm not sure I think either is 'great'.
  3. Mazzy

    Mazzy Forum Resident

    Willie Nelson -Triejo
    Neil Young Le Noise
    (Two of my favorites)
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    DEAN OF ROCK Forum Resident

    Hoover, AL
    You can make a tasty mix of Lanois-produced tracks from that era.
  5. The Bard

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    I love Oh Mercy - still think it is under-rated. Replacing 'Teardrops' with 'Dreams' really puts it right up there with his very best.
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  6. I've never cared for Series Of Dreams or Dignity all that much. I prefer God Knows and Born In Time. My "perfect" Oh Mercy would add those two and knock out Disease Of Conceit, whilst extending Political World to its original length.

    I can't imagine losing that sax solo in Where Teardrops Fall either!
  7. DeeThomaz

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    In The Felony Room
    One if my favorite (somewhat) recent Dylan quotes: "Soloing is not a big part of my records anyway. Nobody buys them to hear solos."

    Bob Dylan Breaks Out "Billy" in Sweden, Talks New Album in Website Interview
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  8. revolution_vanderbilt

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    New York
    I wouldn't say I prefer Infidels to Oh Mercy, or vice versa. I think they're both strong albums. Taking the individual tracks, I probably do get more out of the songs from Infidels. But I'd call them more accessible. There's a darker tone to the entire affair, and it requires a certain mood, or a willingness and engagement to let it change your mood. I think his writing style too, not just in theme and content, but structure, changed too. A lot of his eighties songs have a sort of "obvious" quality to them, that you almost know how a verse will end when you're only halfway through. That, in of itself, is not a criticism, just an observation. However, when the content starts to dip, that kind of style only highlights it even more.

    I also happen to rate Series Of Dreams and Dignity quite high. They are probably better left off the album, though. They are far more pop-sounding. Definitely a different mood than Oh Mercy, but, in their own way, they are of the same high quality. Series Of Dreams might be the best song U2 never recorded.
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  9. asdf35

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    Austin TX
    I made a CDR years ago of all the versions of "Series Of Dreams" I could find. A few official, a few from unoffical sessions (gets confusing). I think I'll spin the CD now...

    It's a song that compels me in a way I can't put my finger on, like in a dream where the umbrella is folded. Where nothing comes up to the top, everything stays down where it’s wounded, and comes to a permanent stop. Wasn’t thinking of anything specific, like in a dream when someone wakes up and screams. Nothing too very scientific...

    I just really like that song "Series of Dreams."
  10. Tom Schreck

    Tom Schreck Well-Known Member

    Big news this week, perhaps? Probably not. :cry:
  11. BlueJay

    BlueJay Forum Resident

    I don't think it counts as 'big' news but it's just been announced that the Woody Guthrie Tribute concerts (which include three Dylan performances from 1968) will be re-issued as a box set by Bear Family on September 18th.
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  12. Kevin55

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    That's big news.
  13. Tom Schreck

    Tom Schreck Well-Known Member

    That IS big news. I have the whole Dylan/Band performance sourced from a mix of great-sounding official release compilations and maybe an unofficial compilation or two. Do you think the official Bear Family release will be a sonic upgrade from what's out there? Or is there any previously uncirculating material? The set didn't seem like something I needed, but maybe I could be convinced. :cool:
  14. Sean Murdock

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    Bergenfield, NJ
    That's pretty cool news -- how many concerts were there, and how much material is there to make up a box set? Were there rehearsals, and if so, were they recorded? Did Bob do anything other than the three songs we've already got?
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  15. John Rhett Thomas

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    Macon, GA, USA
    I love that Woody Guthrie tribute cd. It's a magical performance from all involved, and the editing and pacing of the album is breathtaking. Looking forward to a complete box set for sure, though I'll never get rid of the original album.
  16. John Rhett Thomas

    John Rhett Thomas Forum Resident

    Macon, GA, USA
    There were two shows (on the same day, January 20, 1968) and Bob's set was identical in both. He did join the ensemble to wrap up the second show with a singalong on "This Land Is Your Land" and "This Train is Bound for Glory". Not sure if there's any rehearsal stuff or not, but if so it's not circulating (that I'm aware of).
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  17. revolution_vanderbilt

    revolution_vanderbilt Forum Resident

    New York
    The the major possible addition could be This Train Is Bound For Glory. It was an ensemble performance, but it's barely on the the original albums.

    Dylan's set is great though. The Band is raw and rocking on I Ain't Got No Home. And Dear Mrs. Roosevelt is moving.
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  18. Justin Brooks

    Justin Brooks Active Member

    i don't think there is any new material though. unless that ensemble performance you mention is expanded.
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  19. DmitriKaramazov

    DmitriKaramazov Forum Resident

    Yep -- I've always loved Great Grand Coulee Dam too -- esp. the harmonies and the snap of the snare at the end!
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  20. John Rhett Thomas

    John Rhett Thomas Forum Resident

    Macon, GA, USA
    Anybody that's a big John Wesley Harding fan but hasn't heard these Woody Guthrie tribute performances by Bob is in for a real treat. It was the Band playing behind him but it had a similar vibe to what Bob had put down on JWH (which had only been out a little less than a month when this concert occurred).
  21. posnera

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    I only have the single CD reissue of the Woody Guthrie concerts, I think there were some tracks missing from the original LPs. Very excited for the box.
    Is there more Odetta? That was the first time I heard her sing. Blew me away.
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  22. John Rhett Thomas

    John Rhett Thomas Forum Resident

    Macon, GA, USA
    Likewise! The presence on that recording is immaculate. Blew me away the first time I heard it, too.
  23. DeeThomaz

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    In The Felony Room
    Nice thought. I see them more as "The Basement Tapes That Never Were" but I think we're basically on the same page here.
  24. bobcat

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    London, UK
    I have the three Dylan/Band performances on a grey area Dylan compilation and they're wonderful.

    Are the performances by the other artists interesting?
  25. posnera

    posnera Forum Resident

    Odetta is mesmerizing.
    Arlo is fun.
    Almost everything else is worth hearing.
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