Bob Dylan – Bootleg Series Vol. 14: More Blood, More Tracks (2 Nov 2018)*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dave Gilmour's Cat, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. Dave Gilmour's Cat

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    The thought of CDs being gone in five years is desperately sad. Don't they have a future as a specialist item in the way that people can still buy hardback books, as well as paperbacks and/or e-books?
  2. Jimmy B.

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    Impassioned singing of bad songs doesn't turn them into good ones.
  3. Silas Letort

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    For sure, it's a real shame. Not just because CDs are still a fine format, with excellent sound, but somehow more importantly because of general availability. Streaming, while certainly convenient in so many ways, has at least one major problem in that the labels removes titles as they see fit. One example out of many being Gogol Bordello's Trans-American Hustle. Originally released by American Recordings via Columbia Records worldwide, when American changed their distributor to Universal the title was pulled from all markets except USA - so unless you go through the trouble of setting up an American account using a fake address, that album is now unavailable to anyone outside the USA both streaming and for download. Had it not been released on CD and vinyl there would now be no legal way to get it (while fake accounts may be a gray area, at least we still pay for what we buy that way).

    In this part of the world, CDs are getting very hard to find in stores. Dedicated CD stores are all but gone and only the largest supermarkets cary any at all, and only the current top-20 titles. Vinyl is all over the place, and some vendors cary a small selection of recent CD releases, but catalog titles, many box sets and more obscure new releases tend to be online-orders only. With no place to browse and discover releases you might have missed, sales will only go down further. That, I think, is CDs biggest problem. What good is it that Amazon can deliver within 24 hours if you have no idea what to order?

    I guess there is a real risk of "market saturation" with the bootleg series releases and similar stuff, but perhaps it's better to step up the pace a little than to wait too long.
  4. wanderer1

    wanderer1 Forum Resident

    the lack of studio outtakes in Vol 13 seems to indicate plans for inclusion in the future. Shot of Love has tons of studio outtakes that would fit nicely on an early 80s set.
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  5. redsock

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    Ontario, Canada
    I can help you with that. It's a place called the "internet". And all of the live shows and recording sessions are free. :shh:

    (You could download in 1 hour more than what it took some of us old farts 25 years to collect.)
  6. S1m0ne

    S1m0ne Well-Known Member

    I don't know if it's been said before, but since the Bootleg Series guys have changed their original plans for BS11 (which should have been about BOTT), putting out instead the Complete Basement Tapes as a kind of "prequel" to the Lost On The River album, and also for BS12 solving the copyright problems of 1965/66...I was wondering that it should be nice to have a live box 1986/87 as a tribute to the sad loss of Tom Petty, with a "best of live" on 2CDs from the US Tour and three full concerts from the European Tour on 3CDs (European Dylan-only gigs where shorter than 75 minutes), including a DVD with the full Hard To Handle Sydney concerts (and the Farm Aid 1985 set as a bonus in the extras): total of 5CDs and one DVD/BluRay.
    Title could be "Rebuilding The Temples".
  7. posnera

    posnera Forum Resident

    I’d buy that for a dollar!

  8. masswriter

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    New Hampshire
    The new Scorsese film on the Rolling Thunder Tour is now in private screenings with a release date slated for next spring. There is no public source for this, but I have a friend that knows (specifically a friend of poet Anne Waldman, who helped with wardrobe on the R.T. Tour and whom had some involvement with the new film).
  9. lschwart

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    Richmond, VA
    True, but what if they're not bad songs? Note that your not liking them doesn't make them bad.

    I'm not saying that the case for them being good songs is so clear or simple, but neither case can just be assumed.

  10. The Bard

    The Bard Highway 61 Revisited. That is all.

    Great news. What a time to be a Bobfan! :goodie:
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  11. dormouse

    dormouse Forum Resident

    But from who? ;)
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  12. DeeThomaz

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    If the Scorsese film comes out this coming year, I’m convinced the BOTT/Desire and/or Rolling Thunder set will too.
  13. matt79rome89

    matt79rome89 Forum Resident

    I think that’s already a given according to the Rolling Stone article. Only thing left to debate is how they frame it and the scope: RT only or include BOTT sessions too (and whatever is viable from the Desire sessions).
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  14. DeeThomaz

    DeeThomaz Senior Member

    In The Felony Room
    Oh, yeah. I’m not pretending to be an oracle here.
  15. RayS

    RayS Paying attention like a rattlesnake does

    "That DeeThomaz, he's no prophet."
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  16. Eduardo Denaro

    Eduardo Denaro Forum Resident

    My guess is that they will not go Vol. 14 next year. They will go the 1966 Live Recordings route with the Rolling Thunder concerts. Though it will not include any of the material that wasn't performed by Bob during the tour (which is a lot) and that will tick a lot of people off.

    I expect to have to wait til 2019 (at the earliest) to get Vol. 14, which will likely be BOTT. Though once again I really hope they don't bundle it with anything. Desire deserves its own set in the future. As does Planet Waves and Pat Garret. I'm not ready for BOTT set yet. (I cannot believe I just said that). Vol. 13 has been so much fun. Someone on the other thread suggested a Tom Petty/Dylan tour release next. That would be cool.
  17. bem

    bem Well-Known Member

    So you are suggesting archival alternating with bootleg series. At one point the gospel set was supposed to be released in the spring but was delayed u til fall because of Triplicate. I could not afford two massive box sets in the future, but I could afford a two or three CD set of something in the spring and something more substantial in the fall.
  18. Eduardo Denaro

    Eduardo Denaro Forum Resident

    Yeah they always seem to release the Bootleg Series the same time in November. Also that was the case with the '66 recordings. I don't expect anything archival in the spring ever, either. Though I don't think that they will make a habit of the alternating format I feel like it makes the most sense next year if Scorcese's documentary is really coming out. All speculation.
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  19. redsock

    redsock Forum Resident

    Ontario, Canada
    I know Sony won't do this, but when they finally get around to the Blood on the Tracks Box, they should include a reproduction of the pages from the red notebook(s).
  20. wavethatflag

    wavethatflag Are you a social Hiroshima?

    Pacifica, CA
    So, although I have every edition of the Bootleg Series in one form or another, I'm not the Dylanologist some of you guys are. But, it seems to me, the obvious choice, and more obvious than the Slow Train Coming-Saved-Shot Of Love era, is the, drumroll please, (and Oscar The Grouch, @redsock, just said this)--The Blood On The Tracks era. What else would Vol. 14 be? Infidels super deluxe edition?
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  21. RayS

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    I wouldn't be certain that that is not an option. It would be the ultimate in ephemera, and USEFUL and lasting ephemera, to coin a paradoxical phrase.
  22. rihajarvi

    rihajarvi Forum Resident

    this is probably a more exciting prospect than BOTT for the majority of dylanologists out there!
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  23. NumberEight

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    Photos that include words are worth a thousand photos that don’t.

    One of Aristotle’s, I believe.
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  24. INSW

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    They're right in front of you, they're free - and with most artists but especially Dylan - they're often a jaw-dropping revelation.
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  25. RayS

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    A noted photography enthusiast. :)
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