Bob Dylan – Bootleg Series Vol. 14: More Blood, More Tracks (2 Nov 2018)*

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  1. LonesomeDayBlues

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    They must be selling enough to make a profit. At minimum these releases have been giving Dylan some great press. I've purchased every single deluxe box in the series and have zero complaints. Funny thing, Another Self Portrait and Tell Tale Signs are the constant rotation one's for me. Well, Trouble No More hasn't left the turntable since release...
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  2. Tribute

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    There was no Copyright Series edition released in 2017. I think that concept is dead and gone. It was good while it lasted, though most people only have downloads, and no lossless edition of the 1965 concerts ever made it out.
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  3. Tribute

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    New special edition, 40 CD set covering two landmark albums.

    "Oh Mercy There's Blood on the Tracks"

    Cover art


  4. Heart of Gold

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    Maybe Sony Records and Bob Dylan office don't bother to release a copyright edition for a couple of interesting, maybe good outtakes.

    PADYBU Forum Resident

    I'd prefer a Planet Waves & BOTT set over an Oh Mercy & BOTT set. Call it Red Waves..or Forever Tangled :pleased:
  6. Champagne Boot

    Champagne Boot The Passion of the Was

    Tangled Up in Your Pocketbook is more like it. Just take my money.
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  7. Tribute

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    Forever Tangled Up in Mercy - The 50 CD Box

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  8. Richard--W

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    They need to finish the 1960s before moving on to the 1970s and later.

    Starting with a HUGE box-set on THE FOLK CLUB YEARS; they'll need at least 3o discs to cover that one. And then they have drop the other shoe on THE CUTTING EDGE by upgrading and releasing LIVE 1965 on HARD MEDIA including the concerts they left out of the download.

    Once that's done they can move on to the 1970s and later.
  9. Tribute

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    That set could be titled "PURE DYLAN"

    I AM IN!
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  10. revolution_vanderbilt

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  11. DmitriKaramazov

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    I CANNOT argue against this!!!
  12. Tribute

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  13. Tribute

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    But I would like previously unheard studio sessions of Dylan's later mature voice instead of an official SONY imprint on 1960's material that has widely circulated for years
  14. Nightswimmer

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    Who cares what you would like?
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  15. Richard--W

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    I would like to hear Dylan's current voice record solo acoustic versions of his classic folk songs from 1961 to early 1965 including all the long epic poems.

    Just Bob being Bob.
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  16. Tribute

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    I think if Dylan had re-recorded in the studio many of his tunes with his band and his voice from the late 1990's, it would be a career highlight. Maybe it exists
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  17. Richard--W

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    With his band? I don't know. I suppose it would be a career highlight BUT there's a special quality in the voice that only comes through when there's no band accompaniment for it to adjust to. When Bob goes solo he's on his own timing and modulation. A natural voice comes through. That's when the special quality is present.

    People need to rediscover The Times They Are A-Changin' LP and the live concerts from that period. Dylan sang like a folk Sinatra during that time.
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  18. They have done lots of 60's releases already.I would much prefer the next 5-6 volumes to come from later periods before they go back to 60's again.
  19. Richard--W

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    If they finish up on the sixties they can go onto all the things you want to hear without being restrained by unfinished business.
  20. revolution_vanderbilt

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    Hey guys what am I allowed to want for the next volume?
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  21. Tribute

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    I assume you heard his acoustic band, particularly when he did the long acoustic sets in 1999 to 2001. That band was superb and his arrangements for an acoustic ensemble were excellent. Before he developed that sound, the short acoustic sets that he did earlier were almost perfunctory.

    However, I would really enjoy a 10 CD set of Bob Dylan solo, with only his piano.
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  22. Tribute

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    Your wish must fit inside this delivery truck. Anything larger is being selfish.

  23. jgkojak

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    Blood on the Tracks.

    Infidels to Knocked Out Loaded
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  24. Yes, agreed. I have the full uncut Town Hall and Carnegie Hall shows from '63 and the Royal Festival Hall from '64. To me, the experience of listening to these easily surpass that of listening to any of his first four albums.
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  25. Richard--W

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    I agree those concerts are awesome, but I wouldn't go so far as to say they surpass the experience of listening to the albums. To my ear those live acoustic concerts are part of the listening experience that includes both the concerts and the studio albums of the early sixties.

    His vocals on The Times They Are A-Changin' LP have never been surpassed.

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