Bob Dylan – Bootleg Series Vol. 14: More Blood, More Tracks (2 Nov 2018)*

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    That should do it.
    We all appreciate your sacrifice.
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    Let me say this, at the risk of getting off topic: I am involved in other discussions on the forum about Prince and Beatles archive topics. This Dylan discussion is far and away more polite and civilized than the others! I know there's no way to make all Dylan fans happy, but I think we can generally appeal to reason. This whole BOTT thing is frustrating, but I think we won’t be so childish in this thread if we are generally let down come announcement time! :) Knock on wood for a complete BOTT box though, and a complete live RTR box too! Desire sessions too, but if they have to cut something I hope they cut that.
  3. From your mouth to G-d’s ear!
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    New York
    This post is too relatable. I mean, I only bought the Starbucks CD of Gaslight last spring, and now it looks like that is getting re-released.

    Or at least to Jeff Rosen's...
  5. IronWaffle

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    I think there will be a fair share of grousing (I mean, Dylan fans are known for our ascerbic and articulate dissatisfaction!*) but what may set these Dylan archives apart is that Prince and The Beatles have a history of (from fans' perspective) hoarding. While at times that's felt true of the Dylan camp there has tended to be less futzing. Beyond that, these last few years the floodgates have been blown so wide open that it would be hard to complain because they have proven they know what the fan wants and that there’s a market with open wallets.

    Of course, in the case of Big Blue, Live 1966, Basement Tapes they were bumping up against the same copyright issues that led to the "copyright collections" and that wouldn't apply here. Theoretically they could "get away with" a mid-level set and hold off until that copyright is on the cusp. I suspect the consensus here, Dylan's camp and Sony is yo strike while the iron is hot, while the ears still work, and while there are still sales in physical digital.

    That doesn’t guarantee an exhaustive set but I personally believe we won’t get a stingy one either. There are far, far better prognosticators in this thread than I could ever be who are whetting my appetite with compelling if incomplete possible approaches that would frustrate almost as much as delight.

    They've come a long way from the overpriced experiment of the Tell-Tale Signs 3-disc "deluxe." Speaking of which, I personally can’t wait for the Tell-Tale Signs Super Deluxe Holy Grail Editon!

    *I don’t want to imagine the cantankerous debates over the Sinatra and Xmas Bootleg Series!
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  6. smoke

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    I'm not so sure they won't hold a bunch of material as long as they can. If there is really a No Direction Home pt2 covering this era, surely they would a set for that, including a few teasers of what BOTT tracks have never been heard before, whilst saving the full set.
  7. Tribute

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    The month-long sessions to record "Wiggle, Wiggle" might end up being covered by at least three Bootleg Series volumes.

    In his attempt to get Wiggle Wiggle just right, Dylan explored the full history of rhythm and blues stylings. He used several voices that he never used in public before, and went through more than 30 sidemen.

    The song held great personal meaning for Dylan, who feared the day when he could no longer wiggle.

    The issued take was the very first take from the first date.
  8. Crispy Rob

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    Oakland, CA
    Then there was the attempted cut of Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle, which couldn't be properly document on tape because of too much wiggle in the waveforms. He had to take it down a notch.
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  9. Waymore Lonesome

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    Actually, funnily enough, there is a Wiggle Wiggle outtake story. Supposedly Slash was only on the promotional copies of the album and only on that song, when asked about it he said Bob screwed him, wiped him off the released album, said he sounded too much like Guns N Roses "so why'd he hire me?".

    I have the promotional tape though, and I can't tell the difference between it and the LP version.
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  10. mikeja75

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    I have never heard that there was ever a different promo version for the song and does not reference any alternate mix or version as being released.

    They might not have used some of what was recorded at the sessions in the officially released mix, but I don’t believe that any alternate mix or variation was ever released (promo or otherwise).
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  11. revolution_vanderbilt

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    New York
    Well, Slash is on the album, playing the acoustic guitar (which was overdubbed too, as there is a bootleg without it) but his solo was wiped like you said. Never heard about it being on a promo album, and to my knowledge a mix with Slash's solo has never been heard by the public

    Slash explains why Bob Dylan once refused to use his solo

    "“I put what I thought was one of my better one-off solos on there,” Slash tells CBS Radio. “Then I took off home, and I said: ‘Send me a rough mix, whenever you get one.’ So, Don had the tape messengered over a couple days later, and I’m listening to it. It’s the song ‘Wiggle Wiggle,’ and it’s a very sort of innocuous song in the first place [chuckles], and so here comes the solo section — and it’s just acoustic. There’s a pointless acoustic section, then the song kicked back in.”"

    Seems like Slash's solo never even made it into a proper mix!
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  12. jumpinjulian

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    Slash re-recorded a version of it with Aaron Freeman (Gene Ween) for the Dylan in the 80’s tribute album, so I guess he finally got to hear the song with his solo in it!
    I wonder if it was note for note redone?
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  13. ymenard

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    I always thought that the guitar notes at the start of Wiggle Wiggle [0:06] is Slash.
  14. ymenard

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    Montreal, Quebec

    The only other version existing (bootleg) is a rough early mix, without any electric guitar.
  15. Tribute

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    Dylan's management, take note.

    There seems to be enough interest in making "The Wiggle Wiggle Sessions" the very first Bootleg Series Volume to focus on just one tune.

    Six CDs. I predict it will lead to great revisionism among the critics.
  16. Tribute

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    Some people absorbed in politics want the Whig Party to return, revived from the early 19th Century.

    This is the 21st Century. Now is the time for The Wiggle Wiggle Party.
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  17. lschwart

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    I would vote for any candidate from the Wiggle Wiggle Party. Absolutely.

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  18. Tribute

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    Wiggle ’til you’re high, wiggle ’til you’re higher
    Wiggle ’til you vomit fire
    Wiggle ’til it whispers, wiggle ’til it hums
    Wiggle ’til it answers, wiggle ’til it comes
  19. lschwart

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    Richmond, VA
    As I said, a platform I can support unequivocally.

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  20. Percy Song

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    The story goes that Bob said to Mr. Slash before the session started, "I want you to play it like Django Reinhardt," which confused the poor chap. Instead of doing as he was requested, he played it like Slash and suffered the consequences.

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    this thread has been derailed.
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    Need to get it back On The Tracks!
  23. Tribute

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    Bob should sing more songs about train wrecks.

    This image might inspire him. What is the relationship between the girl and the dog? Who is the mystery man?

    Most train wrecks are caused by the engine wiggling too much.

  24. Percy Song

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    Indeed! I'm working on Big Red CD 1 right now (with photos!) - and I'll need some help from people with decent hearing when I've compiled it.

    But the Django Reinhardt story above does bear some relationship to the first BOTT session in New York:-

    Tom McFaul (keyboard player): I don't have perfect I would go up to the piano to find out what key he was in. Dylan would stop me:

    "We don't want the piano, we want the organ."

    "I know, I'm just trying to figure what key we are...."
    "We don't want the piano, we want the organ".
    "Yes sir!"

    I would go back to the B-3, which was way on the other side of the studio, and (where) I could not hear, and hope like hell we were in A major.

    No one treats Dylan session players like Dylan :)

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    Ontario, Canada
    A post on Expecting Rain, October 2012:

    From the record store day description of the Duquesne Whistle single:
    Duquesne Whistle appears on "Tempest". B-side is a previously unreleased version of Meet Me In The Morning from the Blood on the Tracks sessions and is a forthcoming track from The Bootleg Series Volume 11.

    That set has been on the shelf for a while.
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