Bob Dylan Complete Albums Set - Cheap on ebay?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Musicman1257, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. Musicman1257

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    Philadelphia, PA
    Hi all. I recently purchased the Bob Dylan Complete Albums Collection box set from seller "echodust". It was $99. It looks legit. Everything is spelled right. The images look good. The seller has sold close to 30 of them and no negative feedback about it has been left. Is it possible when I get it in the mail that it is legit? It's coming from Shanghai, China.

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  2. CBS 65780

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    Dublin, Ireland
    IMO it is legit. I bought it from Amazon Germany who had it for that price a few months ago. All in with postage and all was barely over €100. I think there's a pallet of them somewhere! Possibly Columbia miscalculated interest. If only they'd stalled til he got the Nobel, but now it's all about the 1966 box / Albert Hall release. Also, just for peace of mind if it happens yours, I found the gum to card affixing on the disc sleeves often would separate. But I think that's just a design flaw. The best news is the tunes!
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  3. I'm sorry to shatter the illusion but any media coming from China is 100% counterfeit.
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  4. NYMets41

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    Can you update us when it arrives?
  5. Colinjpush

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    Erie PA
    Hey I recently purchased the Bob Dylan Complete Album Collection Vol. 1 set from eBay for $55 with free shipping coming from China about 2 weeks ago or so and it said it won't be coming until anytime between next week until the first week of May and I'm currently still awaiting the set. After I bought the set, it said the seller was taken off of eBay and the original listing was gone, even though the money was taken from my account. The seller didn't have any negative feedback whatsoever aside from only a few people who didn't get the right Pink Floyd set or whatever, but everything else said that everything else they sold came in excellent condition and came as expected. The set itself looked legit from the pictures and they had a lot in stock. My main concern is that I hope I didn't buy a fake like what I've read in other forums on this site, but I've never seen this site so cheap and I impulsively jumped on it. I'm also concerned that if I do end up getting a fake I won't be able to get my money back since the seller was taken down. If anyone has any insight, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  6. hbbfam

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    This does bring up an interesting question, and one that may not be appropriate for this thread. Paypal will almost always side with the buyer. What happens if a buyer complains, but the seller (and his funds) no longer exist? I assume that if there are no funds available, a refund is not possible. It looks like these sets are going for between $150 and $200 on Amazon.
  7. Dave Garrett

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    The seller's account may no longer exist on eBay, but if he still has a Paypal account they can claw back the funds. If there isn't enough in the seller's Paypal account to cover the clawback, they will get the necessary amount from the bank account the seller has linked to the Paypal account (assuming there is a sufficient balance there).
  8. Colinjpush

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    I just wasn't sure where to go to ask this sort of thing and I noticed some other people had the same problem with $90 sets or however much they paid, so I got really concerned when I bought a $55 brand new one. It said if I already paid it then there shouldn't be an issue, but my main concern was if the set I ordered is legit, given the drastically cheaper price and it coming from China. I won't know until I get it, and I will post pics when I do in order to clarify if I did get a legit one. ;)
  9. Zentyger

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    Hi, does anyone know how to tell from the packaging if the Bob Dylan Complete Albums box set is legit or Chinese fake? On the Beatles stereo box there were misprints and omissions (eg. lack of the FBI mark) that you could spot a fake. I want this set but definitely do not want Chinese fake. I can't find any info anywhere that tells how to spot a fake one of these. Any help appreciated.
  10. Colinjpush

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    Erie PA
    Just to clarify my above post, I never did get my set but I got my money immediately refunded. Must be fakes then. I'll only get one if it's over the $100 mark, because from what I've seen, anything under is a fake.
  11. HDListener

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    On the outside of the box look at where it says "The Complete Album Collection Volume One". If "Volume One" is printed in a different color than the rest I believe it's the real deal.
  12. InStepWithTheStars

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    But the real question is... do the counterfeits have the error in Hard Rain? :shh:
  13. Mr. Explorer

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    Are any of the listings on eBay for this right now legit?

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