Bob Marley - Exodus 40th - Super Deluxe - 30 June 2017

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    I was excited when I saw this listed, but a certain let-down when I saw the contents. (Marley fans are probably familiar with this feeling...)

    LP1 – Exodus (Original Version)
    LP2 – Ziggy Marley’s Exodus 40 - The Movement Continues*
    LP 3 – Exodus Live recorded live at Rainbow Theatre, London, June 1-4, 1977 (just 7 tracks)

    12" Punky Reggae Party
    A1 Punky Reggae Party
    A2 Punky Reggae Party Dub
    B1 Keep On Moving (previously unreleased extended mix)

    7” single 1
    Waiting in Vain b/w Roots

    7” single 2
    Smile Jamaica (Part One) b/w Smile Jamaica (Part Two)

    2CD and 3CD versions also available...

    I have to say the Ziggy version doesn't really sound very inspiring to me, but maybe others feel sounds like he's made some Frankenstein-tracks from existing elements (no mention of the dreaded modern overdubs, thankfully)

    *As part of the celebration, Ziggy Marley has revisited the original session recordings, uncovering unused and never-before-heard vocals and instrumentation, transforming these various elements into brand-new session takes.
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    Another Super Deluxe Edition i don't need to buy.
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  3. I'll give it a whirl with the 3 CD set. Live material and the booklet make it appealing to me. If Ziggy's knob twisting with the other elements sounds good too, that'll be icing on the cake. I love Super Deluxe Editions, but that's just me. :agree:
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    Not for me either at £96.00
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  5. From the Amazon description for the 3 CD set:

    "Bob Marley & the Wailers' classic Exodus album, the ninth studio album of the band, was released on June 3, 1977, featuring a new backing band including brothers Carlton and Aston 'Family Man' Barrett on drums and bass, Tyrone Downie on keyboards, Alvin 'Seeco' Patterson on percussion, and the I Threes, Judy Mowatt, Marcia Griffiths and Rita Marley on backing vocals, and newest member Julian 'Junior Marvin' on guitar. The album was released on June 3, 1977, just six months after an assassination attempt was made on Bob Marley's life in Jamaica in December, forcing him to flee to London, where Exodus was recorded.

    This June marks the 40th anniversary of Exodus named the 'Best Album of the 20th Century' by Time magazine in 1999 with a series of four separate reissues, three of which will feature Exodus 40 - The Movement Continues, son Ziggy Marley's newly curated 'restatement' of the original album.

    As part of the celebration, Ziggy Marley has intimately revisited the original session recordings, uncovering unused and never-before-heard vocals, lyric phrasing and instrumentation, incorporating and transforming these various elements into brand-new session takes.
    This three-CD set includes the original Exodus, Exodus 40 - The Movement Continues and Exodus Live."
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    This is the Ziggy "restatement version" of One Love (also being discussed in Crucial Reggae

    with "One Love" Ziggy found 10 new lead vocal outtakes and the newfound tape featured ad libs as well.

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  8. Doctor Flang

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    Me too, but only when they are really "super" and "deluxe". It seems only two tracks on the box set were not included on the 2001 Deluxe Edition. Two unreleased live tracks doesn't sound very deluxe.
  9. Kevin55

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    The family site says 7 of the live tracks on the 3rd CD are unreleased:





    4 The Heathen

    5 Burnin’ And Lootin’ PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED

    6 Positive Vibration PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED


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    ...I like this new mix. It got me diggin' a song I've always liked, but seriously got burned out on. :cool::thumbsup:
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    Yes, they are probably from different nights than what was on the previous Deluxe (since it seems they have all three Rainbow nights in the can). There's also the supposedy unreleased version of "Keep On Moving" (in the Super Deluxe version of this).
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  12. Another reissue of this?
  13. nikosvault

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    Actually four issues, triple vinyl, single gold coloured vinyl, double CD and triple CD, I'm not sure if the current standard CD and vinyl are still on catalogue as well, well it is Bob's biggest selling non compilation album.
  15. Doctor Flang

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    Oh, that live album looks nice! I wonder if it's remixed from the multitracks.
  16. Jonboy

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    Very happy with my Diament-mastered CD copy, thank you...
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    How is the MFSL Gold CD by the way?
  18. jhw59

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    I like it but it has been a while since I listened to it.
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  19. Same answer from me. Been a while but it's a nice sounding disc. Looking forward to the new 3 CD deluxe edition.
  20. tlake6659

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    Not a fan of the eq on the MFSL. The Barry Diament mastered disc is definitive.
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    I'm glad it's coming out, but this record company trend of releasing Super Deluxes of mixes that weren't deemed good enough at the time is a rather transparent way of scraping the barrel. There must be real outtakes they can use, or at least stuff that hasn't come out on CD yet. Where, for example, are the original Meditations-backed mixes of Blackman Redemption and Rastaman Live Up! (ok, they're from a little later). Where are the horn mixes? If Punky Reggae Party is there, what's stopping them getting any other Perry productions from the time like I Know A Place and Who Colt The Game?

    Still, a step in the right direction after the awful attempts to make trendy modern mixes that are hot for five minutes before the masses go back to Legend.
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