Bowers & Wilkins to release new speaker series?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Vern, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. First I have a good sized room. Second I saw the white matte of the new bookshelf versions and really liked the finish. But the floor models were black gloss.

    I agree the Magnolia folks had no idea about these. I also pulled them out a bit and listed from higher a power Rotel ( similar to what I own ) and a Macintosh. Unfortunately the source was Tidal. But I picked some good tracks.
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  2. 14 Cheerleader Coldfront

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    The comparable B&W range to that KEF would be the 800 D3 series not the new 700 series.

    I do bet the new B&W's sound nice. I thought the CM S10 was solid.
  3. That kef I posted earlier was well about my budget at 14k. Just thought it was beautiful.
  4. Buying question. I listened to the 700s again (three times now in different stores). I’m Considering upgrading from my 15 year old CM4s plus cm2 rears plus a center.

    Loving the 702 s2 floors as my mains. If I were to upgrade to 5 new 700 series speakers, that would retail $7100.

    Anyone know if an Indie or Magnolia would cut 15% if I walked in and offered to buy on the spot? I’m sure they’d have to special order them in white but it would be a guaranteed sale for them.

  5. Erik Tracy

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    I'd like to hear these, but they look like something off of a boat.
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  6. I actually listened to them yesterday for fun. Didn’t love them as much as the 804s for a lot less. But I think the setup was not ideal. I’m sure they are better but I don’t like their looks either.
  7. boboquisp

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    I doubt they would discount a special order...but it never hurts to ask.
  8. Thanks. You’d think they would consider since they don’t have to do anything. Just take my money and they might get future purchases and services. No?

    My experience is in buying somewhat higher end gear is that they have to order anyway. Rarely do they keep an inventory of all the models and finishes in house. .
  9. boboquisp

    boboquisp Close To The Edge...

    NE Ohio
    They might consider it. Go for it, they can only say no. Or counter with 10% discount.
    Make sure you get to the store manager for the final word. Good luck!
  10. chacha

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    Yikes. Looks like they would warn Will Robinson of impending danger.
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  11. Diskhound

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    When I was buying and selling B&Ws pretty often many years ago I remember their corporate strategy was to basically outlaw price competition between dealers and strictly enforce geographic monopolies. I think they even audited dealers. I remember them shutting down a rather large dealer in the Montreal area who offered decent deals. I wonder if they have changed their approach.
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  12. Litejazz53

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    I really do not care for the new 800 series design with those woofers jutting out the front of the cabinets, and for me, white is not the color as I like a nice wood finish. If I had my rathers, this would be the set of choice, a bit older, but I like the design, and I'm sure they sound fantastic. Additionally, I'm a grills ON kind of guy. The white ones to me don't look like something off of a boat, possibly a couple of big fire plugs.

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  13. Too bulgy for me. But I bet they sound great.
  14. mongo

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    Mazzy, have you ever considered Revel speakers?
    Specifically the Performa 3 series?
    Not trying to derail just a suggestion.
  15. Suggestions are always welcome but I’ve pretty much narrowed it down. But you never know :tiphat:
  16. sunspot42

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    I auditioned a pair of 707 S2's today at Magnolia, the smallest bookshelf model in the series. I think they're a big improvement over the equivalent little CM1 S2. They definitely tamed its predecessor's sometimes shrill and tinny treble and its tendency to ring. Imaging seems improved as well, although still not as good as the KEF LS50, which has to be the world champion for imaging in a bookshelf speaker.

    Definitely prefer the tone of the 707 S2 over the LS50, which I find to be odd in some regards. Of course, I prefered the tone of the CM1 S2 as well, in spite of its flaws. But the LS50 does seem to handle dynamics a little better. I will say though, I've seldom heard female vocals rendered better by a speaker than the 707 S2 did, and not in this price class. If you're in the market for a small bookshelf speaker they're definitely worth checking out.
  17. Standingstones

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    B&W lost me when they went to that black orb on top. It’s ugly as sin. Especially for such a costly speaker. They also dropped the cherry finish which is the wood of most of my furniture.
  18. Shoalcove

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    I've gotten decent discounts from dealers in the past. Why not ask? The worst scenario is they say no and hold firm. Folks negotiate price all the time when buying things and most stores have sales or marked down products from time to time. All you're really discussing is the timing of their next sale imo!
  19. Yup I’m almost there.
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  20. riddlemay

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    A bit of a tangent, but I've never understood YouTubes that purport to demonstrate how good a speaker sounds.

    If the YouTube sounds good, it's because it sounds good through the speakers you're listening to the YouTube with! Which means, the speakers you own are pretty darned good. (And maybe better than the speakers being "demonstrated.")

    If the YouTube sounds bad, it's because it sounds bad through the speakers you're listening to the YouTube with! Which means the video is no indication of the sound of the speakers being "demonstrated."
  21. stricee

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    totally agree.....pointless
  22. Yeah I think they are sort of like a unboxing lifestyle type thing. I watch some of them to see how the speakers look along with the setups, but I agree I'd never judge how they sound this way.
  23. btf1980

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    I certainly hope no one is judging fidelity by youtube clips.
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  24. My new B&W Speakers are being delivered and set up tomorrow: 702s2 plus 706s2 plus a center-all in matte white. These replace my CMs from 2003.

    I have a somewhat interesting story to share about the buying process when I have the time to write it up.
  25. I was at Best Buy over the weekend to buy some other things. Stopped by the Magnolia area to see if they had the B&W S2. They did. Used the opportunity to do a quick audition of the 702S2 and the 705S2. They also had the 703S2 and 704S2, but I didn't try them.

    Their setup in the listening room is not optimal. Speakers are against a wall, and they have installed port bungs to block the rear ports because of that. So I was listening to the speakers close to a wall and with the ports bunged up. Not ideal. If you go to seriously audition the speakers at Best Buy make sure to pull them out from the wall and remove the port bungs. The 705S2 was also placed on a shelf above ear level. Very much not optimal for trying those speakers.

    Still, while the arrangement was not optimal, I could hear that the 702S2 was very good. The 702S2 gave me goosebumps while listening. Very nice midrange detail and presence. Midrange, and lower midrange like that is key to goosebumps for me. The 702S2 gave me those goosebumps. The 705S2 did not. I wouldn't draw too much conclusion from that due to the 705S2 being poorly placed in the room for listening. But that does make me think that the goosebump generating quality that I heard was due to the midrange driver on the 702S2. The 705S2 being a 2-way doesn't have that midrange driver. Which makes me curious to hear the 703S2 and 704S2, because both of those have the style of midrange driver that the 702S2 has.

    That goosebump feeling is key to me for what sounds good to me. I buy headphone gear based on how well the gear does the goosebump thing along with other factors. If the gear doesn't do the goosebump thing I won't consider it worthy and won't buy it and will largely ignore it from then on.
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