Brand New Tonar/Nagaoka Styli for sale

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    Was hoping to promote myself as i have a wide variety of brand new and NOS styli for sale :)

    Most all the new ones are Tonar branded (with most all manufactured by either Nagaoka or Jico)
    I can get Original Nagaoka styli as well (MP110, Mp200, Mp300, Mp500, 78RPM, etc.)
    I also have a variety of NOS (melotone brand) styli - a lot of flip needles and the such)
    I can also get a few HE and Shibata (shure & stanton)

    I can be found here -
    And here - jelloalien on eBay

    A list of what i have or can maybe get is here (i may not have everything anymore but feel free to ask).
    I don't have any prices on my list yet (a work in progress) so just ask if something interests you


    My quoted prices are always in Canadian
    Within Canada my prices include lettermail shipping
    Within the USA i ship airmail and the difference is $5cdn
    Overseas i ship airmail and the difference is $10cdn

    For expensive styli shipping costs may vary based on location as i prefer to use tracking/insurance for those. But i could ship anything with tracking if you wanted to pay the difference

    I'm always open to assisting in finding the stylus you might need (even if i don't have it or you can find it cheaper somewhere else).

    I accept paypal and emt
    Feel free to ask any questions, here or in a PM


    [​IMG] cdn

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