Brian Wilson - The 2017 Pet Sounds Tour thread!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by MaccaBeatles, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Brian Doherty

    Brian Doherty Forum Resident

    Los Angeles CA
    This leg of tour I recall no actual "intermission" between "first set" and PS set but then the usual short pre-encore walkoff.
  2. Misterroper

    Misterroper Active Member

    Yes, there was a short 10-15 minute intermission in the show I saw in May.
  3. mindgames

    mindgames Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    I saw the second show of the tour in March last year, which was a 1,5 hour long festival set, no intermission, no point Wilson went off.

    Last month I saw a full venue show. The first set had 17 songs, which was over an hour. Wilson walked off in the middle of the closer of that set. Then an intermission, before the 'Pet Sounds' set, where Wilson walked off after his last note for 'Caroline, No'. This set was 40 minutes. The rest of the band walked off after it, before soon enough the band leader came back to introduce the band members one by one, this took another 10 minutes. Wilson came back at the end, and a 20 minute encore with 6 songs followed.
  4. Pim

    Pim Forum Resident

    I'm a big BW fan and understand a bit what he's been through, but the 'walking off-stage mid-song' he does is just so bizarre...
  5. coffeetime

    coffeetime Forum Resident

    Lancs, UK
    Exactly this in May last year in Manchester, UK. All the shows I've seen since 2007 have followed this patter, whether Lucky Old Sun, Gershwin, Pet Sounds or a pure 'hits' tour.

    It's up there with checking his watch, watching the spotlights pan around the venue, his 'hand dance' etc. It's Brian being Brian, as much a part of his stage routine as Paul relating his Clapton/Hendrix and ukuleles at George's stories.
  6. oxegen

    oxegen Forum Resident

    Dublin, Ireland
    There was a support act in Galway and Dublin. They came on around 7.20pm. BW and the guys were on stage shortly after the official start time. Start time: 8pm. On stage at 8.05pm.

  7. Pim

    Pim Forum Resident

    I know, I've seen Brian live in 2004, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012 and a few weeks ago. Doesn't make it any less weird or disrespectful in my opinion. Checking his watch, yawning on stage, fine. But just standing up and walking of stage 2 seconds after singing the last line...
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  8. bRETT

    bRETT Forum Resident

    Boston MA
    Boston show last night was great, with the usual caveats. Brian's body language was as usual, and he handed many more of the vocals over to Al and Matt (Al seemed really surprised when called upon to sing "Here Today"). Really a far cry from the original Pet Sounds tour where Brian sang every song. And yet, there were some absolutely beautiful moments-- He current half-spoken treatment of "Don't Talk" may be out of necessity, but it really adds a lot of depth to that tune. And "I Just Wasn't Made..." with a trio Brian/Al/Matt vocal, was especially moving.

    Plus, we got all of the tour rarities: Feel Flows, Let the Wind Blow, Aren't You Glad, Salt Lake City, and I'd Love Just Once to See You. First time in North America I think for the latter.
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  9. adriatikfan

    adriatikfan Forum Resident

    No different really from Van walking off during the last song, while the band carry on so that he can exit the building without being hassled by fans. Van has been doing this for many a year now.

    On Leonard Cohen's last tour, he left the stage and the band carried on playing for a while (shorter period than Van's band admittedly).

    Best Wishes,
  10. adriatikfan

    adriatikfan Forum Resident

    My wife and I saw the show in Sheffield earlier in the Summer.

    The performance of 'Feel Flows ' was breathtaking and one of the highlights of 45+ years of concert-going.

    Best Wishes,
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  11. Jimijam

    Jimijam Active Member

    Orange County CA
    We were comped a pair of tickets for last night show in Costa Mesa California. Most moments were spectacular others like his singing of God only knows where less. He played 31 songs at almost 2 hours the complete pet sounds and all BB tunes with this exception of closing it with love and mercy.
    What a band he’s compiled ! Very professional, the harmonies were splendid with Matt (als son) doing an outstanding job I haven’t been following this tour so that was very unexpected, there was no intermission .
    He was pretty stoic at times and did exit about a minute early at the ending of Caroline no which didn’t bother me a bit.
    Billed as the last performance of Pet sounds both Brian and Al made comments about being back in California, it’s a cracking band halted at the end by Brian proclaiming that’s enough rock ‘n’ roll that’s enough rock ‘n’ roll and broke into his ‘pretty little ballad’ love and mercy... A wonderful evening FUN FUN FUN
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  12. The Zodiac

    The Zodiac God's Lonely Man

    A couple new shows have been announced for 2018 in Nashville, and he's STILL PLAYING PET SOUNDS! My God, are they running this show into the ground or what? And Brian performs the album like he could care less. Who thought when they announced the "final performances" for 2016 they'd still be at it two years later? It must be so boring for the musicians at this point.
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  13. Zack

    Zack Forum Resident

    Easton, MD
    My god, why don't they just let the poor man retire.
  14. coffeetime

    coffeetime Forum Resident

    Lancs, UK
    Pet Sounds again? Really? The band must be bored of it, and I can’t decide if this is either boring for Brian himself or whether he’s comfortable with the safe routine of the set with Matt doing much of the heavy lifting.

    This is before we get to the question of just how many people are out there are eager to hear PS live but haven’t yet, or have already seen the recent show and would pay to see it again.
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  15. Brian Doherty

    Brian Doherty Forum Resident

    Los Angeles CA
    I don't know, it seems to me the vast majority of pro-level rock bands are basically playing at LEAST 80 percent the same set over the course of a decade of touring these days. Not sure why they should be any more "bored" of Pet Sounds than any pro band is bored of anything. That said, as an audience member I am sure bored with it! Seen it in full I think five times? That also said, I kind of have a rule at the age we are that if Brian is within an hour of me, I'm seeing him regardless. I wonder if there are enough nutso Brianistas like me to keep the operation rolling tho. Last PS show I saw, at casino near Palm Springs, was less than half full tho for what that's worth. Less than a year ago.

    And while I'm no "insider" I've been lucky enough to hang out with David Marks recently and have friends who regularly speak to other "insiders" and while a lot of mystery surrounds the live of Brian Wilson to be sure I'm reasonably confident he's in a (as much as he can be) happy and content place these days and that keeping working is part of it.
  16. Edwin Hawley

    Edwin Hawley Forum Resident

    Okobojo, SD
    I say keep it going. Yeah, Brian sounds bored as hell. But how much time does he have left? After Brian goes, when will there be another chance to see that group of musicians play together...

    It's a sad reality but the next ten years will be devastating to music fans of the '60s and '70s.
  17. Chuckee

    Chuckee Forum Resident

    Upstate, NY, USA
    Should let Al step up and take over the band when Brian retires, watched a recent Youtube video and he sang Sloop John B in almost perfect voice. Unfortunately he probably wouldn't get the audience.
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