Bruce Springsteen on Broadway

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Squealy, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. cgw

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    I was assuming it was a retrospective - a companion to his autobiography. ???
  2. It's been sort of promoted as that all along.
  3. Bill

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    I'd be surprised if one or two new songs don't make the setlist as the Broadway engagements proceed. Anybody who thinks the selections won't change from night to night or that he won't compose new material based on his experiences hasn't been paying attention for the last 45 years!
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  4. Mfj55

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    It appears as if there will be no new music performed at this show. To me that is a major flaw and disappointment. It appears that this will nothing but an egotistical look back. Springsteen desperately needs to come up with a new song or two to demonstrate that he is still a vital artist and songwriter. If not, this overpriced schlock will be another blow to his legacy.
  5. majorlance

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    Couldn't get tickets, huh???
  6. malcolm reynolds

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    Four albums in ten years is pretty good for someone in this stage of their career.
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  7. Mfj55

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    I admit to trying for the lower priced tickets. But mark my words, those folks who paid $850 for this will be kicking themselves. This will be a retread like no other. Do we not know the mans story? Just how ridiculous is his ego. Certainly seems like he's desperately trying to keep the train going without having anything new to say, and that's depressing.
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  8. ggjjr

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    Grosse Pointe
    With what he did in the 70's, he could keep the train going forever. Musically, he does not need to prove himself for the rest of his life, in my opinion. I would love to see him in a small venue. I am sure I would count it as one of my best musical experiences of my life.
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  9. Efus

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    Yr entitled to an opinion, but it seems unduly harsh to completely attack this at all levels (and I'm with u on wanting to see new music),
    without one note being played yet.

    The people paying $850 in Manhattan could care less about that, that's Broadway.
    If the thing flops, then Bruce will bear that as he should.

    What would u like to hear Bruce talk about, since he's not had much new to say since, I guess Wrecking Ball?

    Btw....happy 68th to the man.
  10. emailists

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    Some really interesting info on this thread.

    I read the entire vice article linked here about the ticket scalper, saw the starting chart of various prices for bruce on Broadway,

    Of all my friends and family that registered for the sale, only my ex GF got the code (all the rest of us got stand-by) and she turned them down after going on the site and see only $400 seats were available.

    I was pissed she didn't take them but she did get a text yesterday that tix were available. Only $400 were available but this time she called me immediately and I got her to buy them. Luckily we are still in good terms and will see the show together however I haven't decided if I will tell my current GF I'm going because she will be doubly jealous.

    While $400 each is a ridiculous amount to pay, (I'd like to see Hamilton but wouldn't pay that much) I figured Bruce on Broadway is a once in a lifetime thing.

    I did see GOTJ solo at the beacon (one of the few times I paid a scalper - and I negotiated a fair price for a single last minute ticket)

    I also was able to get tickets twice for the Rising solo shows, and both were some of the most memorable in the 75 or so bruce shows I've seen.

    Obviously this is a different case but I remember reading that Stings The last ship on Broadway cost $650,000 per week to keep running. (I'm glad I saw that twice).

    It would have really bothered me to not be able to see this show. I've had to stop going to Most concerts because my ears have become quite sensitive from noise exposure over the years (even with earplugs) So this seems like a perfect venue for Me.

    Also interesting was the guy that posted he got a job as an usher at Walter Kerr. I thought of that as well but probably too late.
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  11. Bill

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    Eastern Shore
    Have a great time!
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  12. raphph

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    I read this as "No music" performed and almost had a heart attack
  13. Billy Infinity

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  14. LandHorses

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    New Joisey
  15. posnera

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    "Beginning September 28, the lottery will offer five performances at a time for entry. Entry closes at 10AM ET the day prior to the performance. Winner and non-winner notifications will be sent at 12 PM ET the day prior via email or SMS. Only one entry is permitted per person."

    Not too helpful for the out-of-towners.
  16. Oatsdad

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    Alexandria VA
    Actually, I think it's fine for out of towners - at least those within decent driving distance.

    I'd initially feared the lottery would be in-person and day of show only, which would make it impossible for me to enter.

    But this system allows me the possibility. It gives me 32 hours notice that I can go to a show - that's not ideal, of course, but it's sufficient.

    Obviously not great for anyone who'd have to fly, but for those of us in driving distance, it works! :)
  17. Josip

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    Any reviews or comments from the opening night? Will we be so lucky to have the first Broadway show for download on friday, on BS live archive?
  18. JoeRockhead

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    New Jersey
    The notion that his legacy is not yet secured is laughable.
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  19. INSW

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    No, no, he needs two more songs. He's sooooo close to securing his legacy.
  20. PretzelLogic

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    I really don't think anyone will ever remember Bruce Springsteen if he doesn't play new songs at these gigs.
  21. Exit Flagger

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    Is that you Mike Appel?
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  22. Terry

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    LOL. Keep off my lawn, dude.
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  23. Exit Flagger

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    It's obvious Springsteen's legacy will never be secure until he writes a song about comfortable shoes and does Carpool Karaoke.
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  24. Fender Relic

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    :yawn::yawn::yawn: and keep off my yawn while you're at it. Are you sure this isn't a Bruce for the Juice... O.J. release benefit concert?
  25. Terry

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    Well, that's not even clever.
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