Bruce Springsteen on Broadway

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Squealy, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. RichC

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    Can't believe I had to pay a 2-drink minimum to read this.
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    But, it is :laugh::laugh::laugh:
  3. Darrin L.

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    "Mumbles" is an elitist and a hypocrite. He exploited people with that whole "working man" schtick, fleecing the poor, misquided souls that bought into the lies, misrepresentation and mediocrity.'s a strange dichotomy, somehow he's the Woody Guthrie incarnate, but with an insatiable greed. What is truly amusing is "Mumbles" will be reading his self-agrandized musings (wow...his ego knows no limits). I wonder if they will have an interpretor, or closed captioning available.
    It's actually comforting to see such a desperate act, knowing how truly irrelevent he has become, slowly fading into oblivian.
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  4. LandHorses

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    I'm not sure if Broadway union rules will prevent these from being recorded or released.
  5. R. Totale

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    He drop in mid-afternoon to a sub shop in Asbury Park and film the show there, though.
  6. PretzelLogic

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    Whoever this Mumbles bloke is, he doesn’t belong in a thread about Springsteen.
  7. cgw

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    OK, who here is going to be the first to report back to us?
  8. docwebb

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  9. Billy Infinity

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    I hope for Bruce's sake it's not Darrin L.
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  10. Splungeworthy

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    Interesting as there isn't a proper review anywhere. Don't they review preview versions of Broadway shows? Could have sworn I saw one for "Hamilton".
  11. Previews happen before the official on the books shows. That’s usually when reviews are released. Not when previews are happening
  12. Splungeworthy

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    Jersey Shore
    Setlists are out there.
  13. JAuz

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    The official opening date is Oct 12th, so I would expect reviews after that.
  14. ralphb

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    Brooklyn, New York
    Previews don't get reviewed.
    Interesting side note: previews used to be a cheaper ticket, the theory being that they were still working out the kinks in a show so why not charge less than they will after opening. No more.
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  15. Splungeworthy

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    Jersey Shore
    Yeah I get that now. The "Hamilton" review I saw was when the show was at the Public Theater, before it moved to the Richard Rodgers.
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  16. Partyslammer

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    Based on a few comments on the Springsteen boards from those who went last night, the format is kind of what most people expected. That is, introspective Bruce on a mostly bare stage doing a two hour "show" with no encore that is Bruce talking, playing songs on acoustic guitar, harmonica and piano. The show is basically the Born To Run book The Musical.

    The theater is small enough and the audience mostly quiet and respectful enough that there's times when he's speaking directly without a mic. Even when he's in storyteller mode between songs, he's strumming the guitar, playing music. The songs are mostly the usual warhorses as well as a few arguable deep cuts like The Wish and My Father's House. Highlights include the framing story and the song "My Father's House" and a duet with Patti on "Tougher Then The Rest." It sounds like the awkwardly placed Dancing In The Dark was the only misfire.
  17. INSW

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    And having Patti there.
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  18. Mooserfan

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    I was hoping he'd play something from the upcoming (?) solo record, and that it would be released during this run at some point. I guess it's still possible, but that Variety interview makes it seem a release is a ways off.
  19. An autobiographical retrospect wouldn’t have any new material.
  20. Billy Infinity

    Billy Infinity ThinkPad

    1. Growin' Up

    2. My Hometown

    3. My Father's House

    4. The Wish

    5. Thunder Road

    6. The Promised Land

    7. Born in the U.S.A.

    8. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

    9. Tougher Than the Rest
      (with Patti Scialfa)

    10. Brilliant Disguise
      (with Patti Scialfa)

    11. The Ghost of Tom Joad

    12. Long Walk Home

    13. Dancing in the Dark

    14. Land of Hope and Dreams

    15. Born to Run
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  21. budwhite

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  22. dee

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    I like that "Long Walk Home" song.

    This 'show' only had me now wishing for something more like a 'concert' residency where he could just play any song from his catalogue that he wanted to. Oh well. I imagine I would enjoy hearing Land of Hope And Dreams, My Father's House, and the TOL tunes.
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  23. emailists

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    Maybe only to me- but I would be amazing If he did a song with no mic on him or guitar, just purely acoustic. I believe this happened for a very short time (or maybe it was just him singing) when I saw him on GOTJ solo tour and it was thrilling.

    I'm not looking at the set lists or the videos and probably won't even read the reviews until after I've seen the show in early December.

    I just want to be surprised.
  24. Rfreeman

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    On my way to the show. Hitting Morton ' Steakhouse first. Most expensive night ever other than my wedding and my divorce.

    But alimony had just ended when tix went on sale and it costs less than the check I wrote every month for that.
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  25. Kayaker

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    Hope you enjoyed the show Rfreeman!

    On my way in myself for tonight's official opening. Tickets to the after-party too!
    Excited, just as I was for my first Bruce show in '79. Still the best show on earth. Weird wearing a jacket and tie for this one!

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