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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by SebUK, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. SebUK

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    I know some here buy boxsets etc from different amazon sites to get good pre-order prices, but I'm looking at a phone and wondered if anyone had any expericence/advice?

    the LG Q8 is a mid price version of the V20 and why I'm interested is its audio hardware. The V20 wasn't avaialble in Europe at all, and the new Q8 doesn't seem to be coming out in the UK, but is avaialble from Amazon itself in Italy at a decent price.

    So is it straightforward to purchase from Amazon Italy to ship to the UK? and does anyone know if all phones that run android have a simple language change setting???
  2. detroit muscle

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    I can't tell you anything about phones, but I live in the UK and have bought from amazon in the US, Canada and France without issue. Same email and password
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  3. SebUK

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  4. townsend

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    I even think that your ID and password for your Amazon "home country" site works on international Amazon sites as well.
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    For country-agnostic (for example, vinyl) purchases I've bought from Amazon Canada and UK with no problems at all. Same ID / password as well.

    For a phone however you might want to check the carrier support and specs just to ensure that the phone will actually work for the carrrier in your country. Unless it's unlocked it could have limitations.

    But if you only care about the phone as an audio device only, then it's a moot point then.
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    As above, no problems with international Amazons so long as the individual seller will ship to you. Dozens of various kinds of purchases from electronics to eyeliner over almost a couple of decades now.
  7. Veltri

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    It's more expensive for returns.
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    thanks all :)

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