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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dr. Winston, Oct 28, 2001.

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  1. Jeff H.

    Jeff H. Well-Known Member

    RE:Robert Johnson, "The Complete Recordings". Sony remastered the set in 1996 with cleaner original 78's and metal parts that had been found since the original release in 1990. From what I can hear they used a lot less noise reduction on the second edition(non-boxed version). I'd avoid the regular remaster and gold disc versions of "King Of The Delta Blues Singers" since the version of "Terraplane Blues" on that release has nasty groove damage on the copy they transferred it from. One other techinical note, Johnson's recordings were definitely made electrically with a microphone and electrically powered cutting lathe. The majority of 78 records made after 1927 were made this way.

    Abbey Road would be a great DCC release!!

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  2. Sam

    Sam Forum Resident

    Rochester, NY
    Crack the Sky's FIRST ALBUM. Tell me you know what I'm talking about people.
  3. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    Ok, this is cheating a little bit, but:

    1. Dream DCC Gold CD release:

    Revolver (mono/stereo twofer)

    2. Dream DCC SACD release:

    Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (stereo and quad mixes)

    Honorable mentions: Aqualung SACD (stereo and quad mixes); Volunteers SACD (stereo and quad mixes); Surrealistic Pillow SACD (stereo and mono mixes, plus quad mixes from Worst Of); All Things Must Pass (either CD or SACD)
  4. njwiv

    njwiv Well-Known Member

    Atlanta, GA
    Any Beatles album. Probably either RUBBER SOUL or REVOLVER would top the list.
  5. Evan

    Evan Forum Resident

    Petal, Mississippi
    Man is this a hard one. I just can’t choose one. So I have to go with Otis Blue/Redding Sings Soul, the white album as a Mono/Stereo two-fer, the Kinks are the village green preservation society and Arthur, and Frank Sinatra, the Complete Capital years. :D
  6. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    The one album that I would love re-mastered is Freak Out by the Mothers of invention.
  7. TimB

    TimB Well-Known Member

    Galion, Ohio USA
    Since everyone else picked some of the many I would like, I will go with a more obscure one;

    how about Crowded House "Together Alone" :D
  8. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    This is easy....Van Morrison "Astral Weeks"
  9. jligon

    jligon Active Member

    Peoria, IL
    Hey Dan, I thought I was the only Fischer fan here. My first post on the old board was a request for this album...no one responded (which didn't take me by suprise!). I was disappointed (although, again, not surprised) that this album was not included on Rhino's recent compilation.
  10. Douglas

    Douglas New Member

    Melba, Toast
    John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band

    The original CD release was squished and crappy sounding. The re release was even worse: a remix! I was horrified. So there has never been a decent release of this on CD. I would love a good remaster of this.
  11. ultron9

    ultron9 Well-Known Member

    Florida, USA
    Hi all,

    Plausible choice would be "Fear Of Music" by Talking Heads.

    Implausible choice would be "Strange Meeting" by Power Tools (Bill Frisell, Melvin Gibbs, Ronald Shannon Jackson)
  12. DanG

    DanG On Green Dolphin Street

    The Band's Rock of Ages, extra tracks included. :cool:
  13. aceman400

    aceman400 Black Triangle Fan

    Absolutely No Chance but My Pick is The Tubes - The Completion Backwards Principle. Currently Out of Print but an amazing album with a great Steve Lukather solo on Talk to Ya Later.
  14. J Epstein

    J Epstein Member

    Brooklyn, NY
    The Heptones "Cool Rasta"

    Cool Rasta no fool.
  15. rjp

    rjp Forum Resident

    Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young - Deja VU

    w/ Ohio and Find the Cost of Freedom added

    I can just hear what Steve Hoffman could do to those layered voices om FTCF.
  16. lukpac

    lukpac Forum Resident

    Milwaukee, WI
    Ahh...that *would* be nice.

    I wouldn't mind the uncut version of Almost Cut My Hair as another bonus track!
  17. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    JAMES TAYLOR Sweet Baby James
  18. wes

    wes Well-Known Member

    The Beatles "White Album". My absolute favorite album of all time. An album with so many moods. Mostly dark.

  19. ruyeno

    ruyeno New Member

    Honolulu, HI
    My vote: Aerosmith, Get Your Wings
  20. R. Cat Conrad

    R. Cat Conrad While the moderators jest... Well, you know

    D/FW Metroplex
    One of my very favorite albums from back in my college days, which has never been properly remastered for CD, is HUMBLE PIE'S "Performance - Rockin' the Fillmore"

    This is certainly one of the most visceral live rock albums ever produced; it begs for talents such as Steve's to bring it back to life. It may not need no doctor, but... :D

    Robert Cat Conrad
  21. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    Neil Young: On the Beach

    For a couple of reasons:
    1. It's not even out on CD.
    2. All of Neil's catalogue available on CD is unlistenable.
    3. He's my favorite artist.
    4. It's my favorite album of his.
  22. christopher

    christopher Forum Neurotic

    WOW! i second these. great recordings, particularly "strange meeting".

    how about john zorn's "naked city"?

    later, chris
  23. Henry Love

    Henry Love Well-Known Member

    Layla,not necessarily any cleaner but I'd like to see what Steve could do with it. And also River Deep Mountain High since I didn't get it on aluminum MO FI. Does anybody know if this was a good one?
  24. Henry Love

    Henry Love Well-Known Member

    Layla,not necessarily any cleaner but I'd like to see what Steve could do with it. And also River Deep Mountain High since I didn't get it on aluminum MO FI. Does anybody know if this was a good one?
  25. BradOlson

    BradOlson Country/Christian Music Maven

    I have a Spanish import on Alvorado of River Deep-Mountain High and Sonny Charles & The Checkmates's "Love Is All We Have To Give" albums on 1 CD in stereo with very well remastered and clean sound.
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