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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Vivaldinization, Oct 31, 2001.

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  1. Vivaldinization

    Vivaldinization Active Member Thread Starter

    Hey all,

    I just caved in and bought Can's "Soundtracks" and "Tago Mago" discs (they're GOOD...VERY good...didn't think I'd like that sort of thing, but then again, I like Beefheart, so...)

    Anyway, my question: both are incredibly skimpy on art. I assume the original LPs were more colorful? (and the band, perhaps to be 'mysterious,' decided to go the minimalist route for the CDs?)

  2. TommyTunes

    TommyTunes Forum Resident

    I don't have the latest issues on CD but the original CD's booklets(actually just fold over sheets) were better than the original LP's. Soundtracks was a non gatefold issue and Tago Mago had only minimial words inside. The UK version of Mago was better than the German art which is the source of the CD.
    I highly recommend picking up the Can Box from about 3 years ago the Video is great and includes their legendary FREE concert at the peak of the power. You must get Ege Bamyaski by far their best recording with Damo. I've been a fan of theirs since 73 and even their reunion album from the late 80's was good.
    Start with their earliest albums and work your way forward.
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  3. It's Felix

    It's Felix Forum Resident

    Why not get the new Vinyl releases. Very nice
  4. cubbykat

    cubbykat Well-Known Member

    I'm going to hazard a guess that wasn't an option in 2001...
  5. TommyTunes

    TommyTunes Forum Resident

    Dude that post was from 14 years ago
  6. Inner ear

    Inner ear Active Member

    Listening to Tago Mago. Never heard of these guys before today.
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  7. jsayers

    jsayers Just Drifting....

    Hendersonville, NC
    My faves are Future Days, Soon Over Babaluma, Landed and Saw Delight. :agree:
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  8. Aftermath

    Aftermath Forum Resident

    Yup! Some threads get stuck in a time warp. :laugh:
  9. uncarvedbloke

    uncarvedbloke Forum Resident

    S~O~T UK
    Weird - just watching a documentary about Can when this appeared.
  10. Please let us know if you liked it. Thanks.
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  11. Inner ear

    Inner ear Active Member

    I am quite intrigued. I have to listen to more of their stuff but definitely it is very interesting music. I was also trying to figure out what was intriguing about it but have not gotten that far yet. It is amazing that there is so much great music out there, a lot of it 40-50 yrs old, which I am discovering now as opposed to back in my youth.
  12. I ordered Tago Mago from a seller on Discogs last weekend, it'll be my introduction to Can. Can't wait to get it. You're perfectly right about the amount of great music. I'm 55 but still, I discover great bands and great albums all the time. Amazing. Thanks for the post !
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  13. Inner ear

    Inner ear Active Member

    Same here. I'm 53.
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  14. It's Felix

    It's Felix Forum Resident

    I know but look at the new fan its resurrection garnered
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  15. uncarvedbloke

    uncarvedbloke Forum Resident

    S~O~T UK
    It's funny that I have been listening to the excellent 'Sacrilege' remix album for years but have only very recently started to investigate the actual albums that the tracks are from. The 'John Peel Session' that is on youtube is well worth hunting down as well as the live stuff from the Damo years.
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  16. LordThanos1969

    LordThanos1969 Forum Resident

    Phoenix, AZ, USA
    I think Monster Movie is a brilliant album.
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  17. Sytze

    Sytze Forum Resident

    Out Of Reach and, to a lesser extent, the S/T are the only ones (IMO) that are not really worth investigating. All the others are quite brilliant (and that includes the often underrated Virgin albums).
  18. bleachershane

    bleachershane Forum Resident

    Glasgow, Scotland

    This was my introduction to Can. Blew me away. Get to the mid-section where the tempo goes up, the powerhouse drummer's hi-hat pedal breaks and he just keeps powering through. "Tago Mago" is a great starting point for anyone on this thread that hasn't heard of them before!
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  19. 93curr

    93curr Forum Resident

    Can't understand how Spoon/Mute could release 'Out Of Reach' on CD before 'Prehistoric Future.' Priorities, people! COME ON!!
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  20. Sytze

    Sytze Forum Resident

    I've seen a CD of Prehistoric Future once (didn't buy it, sadly), but this may very well not be legit...
  21. Dave S

    Dave S Forum Resident

    Start at the beginning until you get bored. Actually, some people are put off by "Aumgn" and "Peking O" on Tago Mago, but these tracks are actually the best ones on the album. Tago Mago is one album that changed my perception of music.
  22. Phil Tate

    Phil Tate Forum Resident

    South Shields
    The internet can't seem to agree, so does anyone know for definite how to pronounce Ege Bamyasi?
  23. It's Felix

    It's Felix Forum Resident

    For Can virgins. I recommend Future Days. Surely the best four song album ever made. Seems to have invented Ambient, post rock, madchester baggy and Indie dance music all by itself. I may be exaggerating a little.
  24. It's Felix

    It's Felix Forum Resident

    Not heard sacrilege. What are the remixes of?
  25. It's Felix

    It's Felix Forum Resident

    Yeah but I wanted a 'line' to get people talking about Can again!
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