‘Catch-22’ Miniseries; George Clooney to star and direct

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    Catch 22 Miniseries Coming From George Clooney

    Clooney will be directing and starring in a miniseries adaptation of Catch-22 from Paramount TV and Anonymous Content. There is no network currently attached to air the miniseries.​

    Clooney will be adapting Joseph Heller’s tragicomic 1961 World War II satirical novel Catch-22 into a six-episode miniseries and starring as Colonel Cathcart, the primary antagonist of the book, according to Variety.

    Based off of Heller’s own experiences in World War II, the story follows the attempts of disillusioned bomber pilot Captain John Yossarian as he seeks to escape the madness and absurdity of war, only to be blocked at every turn by red tape and opportunistic superiors. And then there’s the infamous “catch-22”: a series of paradoxical Air Force regulations that make it essentially impossible for pilots to be declared mentally unfit to fly.

    Clooney’s producing partner Grant Heslov will direct some of the series, and the episodes were co-written by Luke Davies and David Michôd, who will also executive produce. Richard Brown and Steve Golin will executive produce for Anonymous Content along with Clooney and Heslov under Smokehouse Pictures.

    The last time Catch-22 was adapted was as a 1970 film by Mike Nichols, starring Alan Arkin as Yossarian and Martin Balsam as Colonel Cathcart.​
  2. The Panda

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    Pitt as Milo?
  3. alexpop

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    Clooney ?
    Pass on this one.

    Impossible to top the original.
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  4. JozefK

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    The incredibly boring Brad Pitt as the colorfully sleazy, flamboyantly crooked Milo?

    That's an even worse idea than Jon Voight as Milo.
  5. Larry Geller

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    In my senior year in high school, I did ALL of my book reports on Catch 22, approaching it from different angles each time. My English teacher was a major lunatic, and actually appreciated that. The movie was a misfire, not remotely doing the book justice. Someone should do We Bombed In New Haven, also.
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  6. The Panda

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    that's your opinion, I believe. Bo one could be worse than Voight. You've never seen Pitt in some of his better performances, of course
  7. JozefK

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    I actually like some of the casting. Arkin was the personifcation of Yossarian. Bob Newhart was a great Major Major, even if he did not physically resemble the character from the book. Jack Gilford wasn't bad as Doc Daneeka, although perhaps lacking Daneeka's aggressiveness.

    But yes, too much of the casting was wrong: Voight as Milo, Balsam as Col Cathcart, and the lifeless Art Garfarkle as the kid. It's not the worst adaptation of a great novel I've seen (that would go to Bonfire Of The Vanities) but it's very uneven and I have to call it, overall, a failure.
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  8. guy incognito

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    Angelina Jolie as Milo?
  9. herky10

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    Hopefully this will expedite a Blu-ray release of the Arkin film version.Long overdue.

    Hello Criterion!
  10. Joey The Lemur

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    I love the book and have long kept a copy bedside. I can just open it at random and be entertained. I like the idea of a mini-series adaptation and look forward to checking it out.
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  11. Ghostworld

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    I love Jon Voight as Milo. He seems like the kind of good looking guy who could get away with it.
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  12. JozefK

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    Milo is supposed to be a smoothly sleazy, fast-talking used car salesman-type. That's not Jon Voight.

    Of actors from the period a much more suitable casting would be... Bob Crane.
  13. MikaelaArsenault

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    *rolls eyes at the fact that there will be another reboot of a show*
  14. SquishySounds

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    I thought Lieutenant Scheißkompf was the antagonist?

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