SH Spotlight "Cecilia Ann" by the Pixies, Surftones on YouTube. Yes, I wrote the song with my buddy Frosty..

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  1. I knew something sounded wrong with that song! It's the drums. They didn't sound, to me, like "tiny 60's studio" drums. People in my office were sure they had heard it before on other "extra-legal" Surf comps. Ha! Great story!!
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    Dot records licensed both BOSS and PIPELINE from Downey Records and their contracts were so vague, it's hard to tell what was what. Downey had rights to issue in Southern California, Dot, the rest of the country (if you can believe it). That's why you see both BOSS and PIPELINE on the blue Downey label or the Dot label. The Downey versions were mastered from the original tapes but the Dot versions were mastered from "stressed out" United/Western copy tapes that added more echo and massive compression. Even more confusing is that sometimes the Dot tapes were used to recut the Downey versions so it got all mixed up, soundwise.

    This YouTube version seems like the mono Downey 45 version but the extra reverb on there is a giveaway that it's recut from the Dot United/Western "punched up" tape. Maybe Wenzel came around to think that the United version sounded better... Probably.

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    MAYBEIMAMAZED Don't think Twice it's alright

    :wiggle: making me dance... lol
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