Charlie Hansen of Ayre Acoustics RIP

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by htom, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. htom

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    Montreal, Canada
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  3. Preston

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    KCMO Metro USA
  4. Mike from NYC

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    Surprise, AZ
    Way too young to leave us.

  5. krlpuretone

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    Grantham, NH
    Sad news - a guy who really loved music.
  6. MikaelaArsenault

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    New Hampshire
    He was only 61 years old...
  7. nosliw

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    Ottawa, ON, Canada
    I was reading his posts on various message boards, specifically his detailed analysis of HDCD. I learned a lot from him. RIP. :(
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  8. Kenneth73

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    That sucks.... he was such a good guy.
  9. sturgus

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    St. Louis Mo
    Sad. He was a down to earth guy.

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  10. tyinkc

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    RIP. Met him some years ago at a seminar at RMAF along with Jim Smith of "Get Better Sound" fame. Great guy. Terrible loss.
  11. Uri Cohen

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    Jacksonville, FL
    Audio Asylum won't be the same...
  12. Satrus

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    Cork, Ireland
    That is awful news. One of the best designers in high end audio gone? I am very sad to read this. I have two Ayre components in my set up and I have a high regard for the marque and for Charlie too, of course. Too many good people passing away of late. Sad.
  13. wgriel

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    bc, canada
    Oh man, this is just awful news :-(

    He's way too young - I'm completely shocked by this
  14. thegage

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    Very sad. Pretty much the result of being run over by a motorcyclist and paralyzed a while back as I understand it. Already listening via my Pono in his memory.

    John K
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  15. Mr Bass

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    Mid Atlantic
    What sadness. RIP
  16. ralf11

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    What was the cause of death?
  17. Standingstones

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    South Central PA
    Charles Hansen was confined to a wheelchair after being clipped by another motorist while Charles was riding his bicycle. He had major spine problems afterwards.
  18. sentinel90125

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    Virginia, USA
    As an owner of multiple Ayre components over the last decade, all I can say is this is a tremendous loss. Listening to an all Ayre stack right now as I type this. He was always extremely helpful and insightful over on Audio Asylum. Condolences to his friends and family.
  19. Here's a newspaper article about the accident and how it affected him: 180-day jail sentence for motorcyclist

    And an article from Digital Audio Review from a year ago that has some video interviews with him in his wheelchair: Looking through solid Ayre: QX-5 Twenty internals & factory tour | DAR__KO

    I'm also a cyclist. I read about cycling accidents like that and have to say "there but for the grace of God go I". That's a life changing type of accident and injury.
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  20. RIP, Charlie. Just saw this in another forum. He certainly was a force in the “no B.S.” camp of audiophiles.
  21. The man who was involved in the accident with Charlie appeared to have died in 2014.

    Boulder coroner: Man found with hash oil materials died of multiple drug intoxication
  22. MikaelaArsenault

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    New Hampshire
    Did he also create the Pono player?
  23. ralf11

    ralf11 Forum Resident

    Yes, he designed it
  24. Satrus

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    Cork, Ireland
    I had been aware that Charlie had been involved in a serious accident some years ago but I did not know the specifics. Poor man to have such a life changing accident. As a cyclist myself I am hughely aware of the dangers. Cyclists here in Ireland are being ‘mowed down’ by motorists regularly. There is a cyclist road death every other week over here. On my way to work yesterday morning there were three female cyclists cycling along a narrow country (rural) road with three cars traveling behind unable to pass. The second vehicle tried to overtake the first car and the cyclists even though he had no clear vision of the road ahead because there was a twist on the road. He had to abort and almost caused a serious accident. What do you do with people like this? They have no regard for themselves or for other road users, including cyclists. I was the third car so I witnessed the shameful manoeuvre first hand.

    I am so sorry for Charlie, his colleagues at Ayre and his family of course. Truly one of the shining lights of the high end. We will miss his genius.
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  25. 5-String

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    Sunshine State
    Charlie was always a source of inspiration and knowledge. RIP!

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