Chromecast vs. Chromecast audio, and any casting help/hints ya got

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by head_unit, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. head_unit

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    Hmm, can't buy these on Amazon, eh? :laugh:

    I want to cast from a Mac (and later a PC) to my Denon receiver (sorry don't remember the model offhand, AVR-1612 methinks).

    What is the difference between Chromecast vs. Chromecast audio? OK, different ports/purpose. But
    - Seems the audio has a better DAC?
    - But can I use a Chromecast into an HDMI input on my receiver, to stream the audio digitally? It is more convenient to use the HDMI input due to a front panel button, and the internal DAC maybe better than the Chromecast I'd think.
  2. Rolltide

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    Yes. A Chromecast Video does everything that a Chromecast audio does, but also includes video. The major difference is optical out vs. HDMI out.

    With the video, you'll either need a USB port to plug the power portion into or use the power adapter they make.
  3. SandAndGlass

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    I use a separate Emotiva processor, to decode DVD's/Blu-ray disks. I have a Chromecast unit plugged into one of the HDMI ports on the processor.

    I like to Chromecast YouTube video's, which is why I purchased it.

    In my case, I use a 7" Amazon tablet, which connects to the Chromecast.

    I've never had any issues with the Chromecast unit.
  4. Damien DiAngelo

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    For use with video, get a regular Chromecast. If you are only wanting to send the audio to your receiver, get the Chromecast audio. For $35 each, you could just get both. I use both on a regular basis.

    Just as an FYI, the Chromecast audio also uses USB to power it.
  5. Rolltide

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    Vallejo, CA
    It does, but because it has a micro USB port like a phone, I think of it differently then the Chromecast video with a hardwired USB A port as its meant to be powered by a TV vs. a wall wart. Same thing at the end of the day of course.
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  6. Damien DiAngelo

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    Ahh. Gotcha. :righton:
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  7. Bob_in_OKC

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    I use a Chromecast Audio in two ways. One in the main system has an optical cable out to the DAC. One in the bedroom has an analog cable out to a radio. For both, I use the Napster app to cast to them from my iPhone. I sometimes cast to them from the Napster website with a Windows laptop and Google Chrome.

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