Cold weather in movies

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    Arcadia, Ca.
    Went to a showing of "Ride The High Country" and Mariette Hartley was there to talk. The 'winter" gold rush town was to be filmed in the Sierras but Peckinpah was running over budget and was pulled back to a film ranch in SoCal. Mariette talked about the soap bubble snow driving everyone crazy.
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    The Hateful Eight
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  3. Scooterpiety

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    And it's preposterous when you CAN see their breath. I watched "In the Heat of the Night" recently, and the scene with Tibbs,
    Gillespie and Wood outside of the diner is supposed to be on a hot, muggy summer night, but I noticed that you can see their breath.
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  4. PaulKTF

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    Especially not if you're wearing a Chicago Bears light coat. :)
  5. Steve Hoffman

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    Notice in LOST HORIZON (1937) that the actors breath is showing. Filmed in an ice house by Frank Capra who wanted it to look convincing.

    SCHINDLER'S LIST, depressing and freezing.

    The outdoor scenes in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL also real snow..
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  6. ky658

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    Miami, Florida
    "Winter People", a fine film from 1989 starring Kurt Russell and Kelly McGillis!
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  7. "Dreamcatcher" does an okay job with winter scenes.
    "Grumpy Old Men" is pretty good at winter scenes too.
    "A Charlie Brown Christmas" may be one of the most fake appearing winter type movies I have ever seen. Completely unbelievable, to the point of feeling almost animated.
  8. Doctor Zhivago and The Thing .
  9. Michael

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  10. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    my wife loves the fighting scene when Burgess Meredith comes out and says F'n kids! hysterical...
  11. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    Wind Chill is fridged...
  12. Geithals

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    There is no cold that can compare with Siberian Gulag cold.
    One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch

    And......all in all, it was a good day.
  13. Vidiot

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    Hollywood, USA
    David Fincher tried to add CGI "breath" to some of the actors in the exterior snow scenes in The Social Network, and it looked incredibly fake. Bear in mind that people don't always have visible breath in cold weather.

    A lot of that was extremely real.
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  14. PhilBorder

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    Ice Station Zebra with its styrofoam ice was ludicrous (in other ways too). Phil Kaufmann's little seen but excellent White Dawn did it right
  15. Ignatius

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    McCabe and Mrs Miller ended with a shootout in an unplanned snowstorm (according to Robert Altman's dvd commentary).
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  16. J. Umbari

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    The Revenant (2015)
  17. LeBon Bush

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    Sergio Corbucci - Il grande Silenzio

    A very dark, depressing anti western set in a snowy mountain town in Utah and starring Klaus Kinski as an amoralic bounty hunter. One of the most beautifully shot, depressing movies I have ever seen in my life.
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  18. Geithals

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    There was a film I saw as a young lad, I don't remember the name or much from the film except the final memorable scene. It was set in Alaska in gold rush time (I think) and in the final scene was one character stuck all alone out in the wilderness in the throes of snowy winter. He had to start a fire or freeze to death. He cleared a space under a pine tree, gathered some twigs/sticks and used his last match to ignite. The fire took and survival hopes increased, alas the rising heat from the fire loosened the snow from an overhanging branch and a large dollop of snow fell on top of the fire, quenching the fire and all hope. He then stayed in situ and just closed his eyes. I think there were some words or thoughts spoken about how pleasant it was or that it was not such a bad way to go.
  19. Jim B.

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    My top three:

    The Thing (1982)
    Dr Zhivago (the frozen summer house is beautiful)
    and the original version of Let The Right One In:

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  20. jeroemba

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    The Heroes of Telemark
    On Her Majesty's secret service
  21. thegage

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    Depending on conditions (degree of temperature drop, relative humidity), it is possible to have exhaled breath condense under relatively warm temperatures.

    John K.
  22. Matt Richardson

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    Excellent novella, too.
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  23. PhilBorder

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    Sheboygan, WI
    Good one. I thought I read once they slightly embellished some of the blowing snow, but the snow on the ground was all real.
  24. Michael

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    A Christmas Carol...
  25. rjp

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    wind river

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