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  1. rynopinn

    rynopinn Well-Known Member

    Wilson, NC
    MERRY15 now working until 14th I believe
  2. Kevin j

    Kevin j Forum Resident

    Seattle Area
    ok, so what's the deal with collector's choice? i got leonard cohen's "you want it darker" from them and it was the "barnes and noble exclusive" white vinyl version.
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  3. tingly

    tingly Forum Resident

    JAN1775 - 20% off orders of $75+
  4. black sheriff

    black sheriff Forum Resident

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  5. mrjinks

    mrjinks Optimistically Challenged

    Boise, ID.
    For those thinking about the uber-expensive upcoming George Harrison vinyl set, this coupon, coupled with a discounted price on the box set, knocks the total price with shipping to $327.02 (including the cheapest shipping offer). It's currently $466.98 at
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  6. black sheriff

    black sheriff Forum Resident

    On discogs:

    Deep Purple ‎– Fireball
    Label:Rhino Records (2) ‎– R1 35052
    Format:Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue,
    Released:05 Apr 2016

    $6.57 +$2.99 shipping = $9.56 total

    Deep Purple - Fireball »
  7. Phishman

    Phishman Forum Resident

    Aweomse! Order placed. Thanks!
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  8. black sheriff

    black sheriff Forum Resident

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  9. Spitfire

    Spitfire Senior Member

    Pacific Northwest
    Grabbed one. Thanks
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  10. tallman5353

    tallman5353 Active Member

    Adelaide Australia
    New one, FEB1775.

    20% off $75 and over.
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  11. Skalap

    Skalap New Member

    Paris, France
    Is this code still working? Seems not...
  12. Citroen

    Citroen vinylholic

    Yes, working for me. @Skalap

    Do you have at least US$75 in your cart? Are you using the ccmusic site and not the ccvinyl site?
  13. Lebowski

    Lebowski Hey, careful man, there's a beverage here!

    Eastern MA
    FWIW, I found that the Music Direct promo is better. 20% off music (no minimum) and free shipping on $49+
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  14. Skalap

    Skalap New Member

    Paris, France
    Thank you Citroen, I understand now why it was not working :)
  15. rswitzer

    rswitzer Forum Resident

    Golden, CO USA
    New one, PAUL2050.

    20% off $50 and over. Still need to pay shipping (at least $8.95)

    Expires 4/30/17
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2017
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  16. Beholdentonoone

    Beholdentonoone Forum Resident

    Music Direct promo over now sadly.
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  17. vinylbuff

    vinylbuff Forum Resident

    North Port Florida
    No it's not.......
  18. thatguy1976

    thatguy1976 Well-Known Member

    Current code expires in 5 days. Does anyone know of a new code to use for May?
  19. bill b

    bill b Forum Resident

    Galveston, Texas
    As of today, PAUL2050 still works. 20% off $50.00 or more
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  20. candyflip69

    candyflip69 Forum Resident

    Not any more - just expired yesterday.
  21. thatguy1976

    thatguy1976 Well-Known Member

    I wonder if there will be another one for May or June??
  22. Nrochie4184

    Nrochie4184 Well-Known Member

    Buffalo, NY
    Use "CCMAY20" for 20% off
  23. Trentp

    Trentp New Member

    Hi gang, any discount codes for this one? CCMAY20 has ended it would seem? Cheers
  24. Nrochie4184

    Nrochie4184 Well-Known Member

    Buffalo, NY
    It's still working, but you do have to spend $50 or more.
  25. spartanmanor

    spartanmanor Forum Resident

    Arlington, VA
    Just got the code PEPPER for 20% off $50 or more.
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