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    20% off orders $50 or more with coupon code ELVIS20 expires 5/30/18, fresh from the April 2018 catalog.
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    Thank you! This is the type of info that this thread was created for.
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    Oh beautiful - thanks for the info.
    At last! :)
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    20% off, YOUNG20
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    I'm looking at the Tragically Hip LP box with 20% off via the YOUNG20 deal. It would take it down to around $350 including shipping, which is about $40 lower than the price from MusicVaultz, even with the benefit of the exchange rate conversion from the Canadian to the US dollar.
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    It’s cheaper at MusicVaultz if you use the 15% off code VAULTZ
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    JUNE20 = 20% off $50+ orders, expires July 31
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