Component CD Recorders (Not Computer Ones)

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by KatCassidy, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. vwestlife

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    They're discontinued models, but if you can find one, the TEAC AD-RW900 and TASCAM CC-222SLmkII cassette/CD recorders have a built-in phono pre-amp, allowing you to make recordings directly from your turntable to CD:

    AD-RW900-B | TEAC

    Product: CC-222SLMKII | TASCAM

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  2. Pastafarian

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    My thought about that would be, does the internal pre-amp equal my Naim 62 feeding a CDR?
  3. rock4ev

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    I have never owned a Pioneer PDR509 (I would imagine they are very good, this line seems of good quality and playback) but I have owned the Pioneer PDR555RW for almost 20 years.
    It is a great unit for needle drops, it makes great sounding cdrs, also it is a great sounding player, I can hear a difference in playback of cds so much so that it makes listening to cds more interesting and enjoyable especially cds with good dynamic range and mastering's. I have always wondered what others thought of this unit as a recorder and it's playback abilities, and especially of it's playback abilities, as I was stating it really sounds great as a player, the good quality converters in these make a difference, though there is now more top end converters and ways to listen to cds through drives and such but as a component standalone I really enjoy it and I don't use any computer stuff in music playback, my stereo system itself is my go to and main listening source aside from listening to music in my truck. There are a lot of good recorders and players out there I know but this unit caught my attention early on and I've stuck with it.
  4. McLover

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    I use a portable digital recorder which uses SD cards. The Tascam DR-07. It is convenient, easy to use, and the card easily goes into my laptop. Transfer my files, and from there do what I want or need, including burning discs.
  5. Chris Schoen

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    The quality of a phono pre-amp is too important to go the "cheap" or "convenient" route. The internal on this cdr is probably minimum quality, and I would stick with your
    external pre-amp. From my experience, the biggest influence of sound quality (playing records,) is the cartridge and phono pre-amp. They got to be good and well matched.
    The cart should be a good match for the turntable arm, and the pre-amp a good match for the cart. If you don't have these right, don't waste your time doing needle-drops.
  6. Pythonman

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    On the Tascam CD Rw900mkii can you sync the record levels for right and left during analog recording or are you supposed to try to set them as close as possible? On my old Sony and Phillips recorders there was one master record level knob so everything was as balanced as the source was, no screwing with the balance or imaging.
  7. Chazro

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    2 separate right and left controls.
  8. HGN2001

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    Easy to adjust - and there are meters to assist.
  9. Pastafarian

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    My PDR-609 has been in storage for around 7 years and a couple of days ago I hooked it up to my system. I couldn't live with it for very long but it sounds surprisingly good on the player front
  10. Jack Flannery

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    I have a tascam digital recorder. It is great.

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