Counterfeits Coming Out Of China and Hong Kong

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  1. Oatsdad

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    I also avoid Chinese or Russian sellers on eBay, but I messed up and bought a CD from a Chinese seller the other day.

    Hoping it's a legit item. If it's not, it cost me $8.47 including shipping, so it's not like it's the end of the world, but still!
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    I bought a Deep Purple album collection from China two weeks ago. They advertised it as sealed but with some tears in the shrinkwrap. $22.49 + $3 shipping. It had a Best Buy sticker on it with a $48.98 price. I opened it and it's legit.
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    Yes, a ton of overstock music (and video) stuff gets boxed up by the mailer retailers and shipped in multi-ton containers to other countries. It sometimes comes directly from BestBuy/WalMart/etc. and sometimes from the labels who need to bury returns. The hope is that most of it does not come back to the US, where it would further depress the market for the titles involved. But a good amount of this stuff does find its way to eBay. It's legit stuff.

    There's also a lot of counterfeit merchandise coming from the Far East. Mostly this focuses on higher ticket items, such as box sets, plus huge titles such as the latest Taylor Swift or Adele or anything new from The Beatles--things that can be sold in big numbers.
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  4. InStepWithTheStars

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    Glad to see I'm not the only one confused by the Argentina thing. I wasn't sure if they were counterfeit or if Argentina/South America just really liked CDs. I have a bunch of them, mostly EMI/Virgin, which are proud products of Argentina.
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  5. bought this about five yrs ago nice set
    • [​IMG]
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  6. bought a stones mono cd box for $30.00 with free shipping the only problem was on a couple of covers the bottoms were not glued properly a glue stick took care of that. cd's sound good booklet is good even the stray cats cd's gatefold picture is complete no whiteline in the middle. also bought a beatles mono box for $15.00 i had heard the stories of how bad it is you could tell it was a fake cheap covers booklet was on thin paper the cover for beatles for sale when opened only had one side printed cd's played fine. years ago i bought a set for $75.00 it was a legit set but the box was damaged so i kept the fake sets box and gave the cd's to a friend my mono set now has a new home in a good box
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  7. g12345567

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    Happened to me the other day. Lucky It was used and only spent $1 on it. Thinking it was an SACD.

    Basically got home, looked it up and it doesn't exist as an SACD. Its an ASIAN release. Has all the logos of SACD, XRCD, DSD + Direct SBM and HDCD on the cover and discs. Put it in my PC and SACD player and only gets recognised as CD.

    True. This release had bonus album as well as bonus tracks on 2cd and didn't match any known release. So obviously was a counterfeit and fake. Although the packaging looked quite good and convincing,
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