Crazy Priced Albums on eBay - All From Same Seller

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by TheVillageRecorder, Mar 18, 2018.

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    Yeah, he does say that in the mostly unreadable mixed font/mixed color mess that is the description.

    But eBay and PayPal have a pretty consistent policy of favoring the buyer if the picture itself (ignoring any text) is misleading. And the picture is misleading.
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    It's also interesting that his crazy description layout is almost identical to well known LP seller Bob Djukic. Bob is famous for consistently getting ridiculous prices for relatively common albums as well. I think something is rotten in Denmark.
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    I see this m.o. often though and some don't even use garish layouts, just bamboozle you with information that's mostly pointless.

    I think if I'm going to lay down $1,000 for a record I know the history of the band and you don't have to tell me that "NO MONO EXISTS!!! NEVER RELEASED IN MONO. ULTRA RARE IN STEREO BECAUSE NO MONO EXISTS." :laugh: Or some such load of nonsense.

    There are some UK sellers who employ this method. They stick to basic layouts (black and white), include a lot of high res photos and then wrap their grade in paragraph(s) of nonsense. I sometimes copy the grading part, paste it into a text file and then separate each sentence so it's on it's own line so I can easily see where they say it's VG or VG+, etc because you can't always find it easily amongst all the underlined sentences or words used to emphasize how wonderful this record is. Sometimes it's basically a VG record but still presented like it's a NM record. The pictures never really show the true condition. Labels are photographed so they don't even show a spindle mark but they are there.

    I think adding all that information gives buyers some sort of confidence, even if a lot of the information is mostly over exaggerated generic grading terms.

    A lot of these sellers also have great return policies. No fuss, no muss and some will even reimburse return postage without being asked. What this means, IMO, is that badly graded records don't result in a negative feedback. Sure they made an error but they paid your return postage..people won't leave a negative or neutral for that because the seller made it right.

    In my experience, grading isn't always that accurate with these sellers either. It can be very off, or just off enough that you don't want to go through the process of a return because you can live with it. Of course they also hit it perfectly too.

    But when it comes to Bob Djukic, and keep in mind I'm banned from his auctions (returned records that were not graded properly), I don't think he does anything like printing fake stickers, etc like the guy above. I've never noticed anything like that in any of his auctions, which I always go through even if I don't plan on bidding (well now I can't anyway). I think he finds good collections, presents them like they are gold even if they are bronze or silver and attracts bidders as a result. But you can get some good deals too. Most of what I won from him have been well priced because of good timing and going after records that weren't in high demand.
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    There has always been a number of Ebay sellers who get high prices in auctions. I think this is related to the blurb they give and photos. However photos never really show you the true condition so it ends up as a matter of trust. Some of these dealers do have high standards but others are selling average product hyped up. There was one I returned an overgraded record to and while there was no problem in getting a refund I was instantly blocked from his auctions. I think the lack of top quality vinyl on the market has meant grading standards have slipped. I can't believe some of them can produce an endless list of nr mint rarities every week unless they are selling from their own vast collection. They are just not out there but are sitting in peoples collections.
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    So do I, but it really is frustrating when you see something you would love to have, but it's so ridiculously priced you know for sure it is never going to sell. That's when it bugs me, but your point is well taken.
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    The more an ad looks like you well described, the less apt I am to buy the item. Especially when they spend a lot of time "selling", ie, using terms like rare, out of print, your last chance to own a classic....all that garbage.
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    He's now suspended on ebay....
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    awesome! Ebay did something right for once. Considering he has no negative feedback that's quite a move by Ebay. They must have found out what was rotten in Denmark.
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