'Creeque Alley' single mix - why not use 'Monterey Pop' as the source?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by bonjo, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. bonjo

    bonjo Well-Known Member

    Sorry about the long thread title, it's just something I wonder every time I watch the film.

    The single version of Creeque Alley is heard near the beginning of the Monterey Pop film, and I always wonder why this can't be used as the source for a re-release of the single mix?
  2. PanaPlasma

    PanaPlasma Forum Resident

    Belgium, Europe
    Good idea. My favourite M&TP song :)

    Hope Steve Hoffman will master a MFSL SACD with the Greatest Hits of Beach Boys & TM&TP on one disc!

    That would be a musical dream come true!
  3. JFS3

    JFS3 Forum Resident

    Lone Star State
    After reading what Steve went through when mastering "16 of Their Greatest Hits", I'm not sure he's in a hurry to any more Mamas & Papas anytime soon.
  4. cherbette

    cherbette Active Member

    Now that the mono tapes have been discovered in the U.K. for the 1st album, maybe there's hope for the rest...
  5. PanaPlasma

    PanaPlasma Forum Resident

    Belgium, Europe
    Keep hope alive :)

    I really like those "Greatest Hits" sacd compilations of sixties bands mastered by Steve Hoffman.

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