Cuphead – one of the coolest-looking video games ever!

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Michelle66, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. Michelle66

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    I'm not really into video games. I don't have any sort of console, nor stay up-to-date on whatever game is trending (although I do enjoy a few different games on my tablet and phone).

    However, a few months ago, Conan O'Brien featured an amazing-looking game on one of his "clueless video gamer" segments. This game is called "Cuphead" and was released on Sep. 29th.

    After watching the Conan segment, I Googled around and saw that Cuphead had been in development for years. I read about how its creators were fans of classic animation of the 1930s, and strived to make their game look like something that could have come out of Fleischer Studios.

    Mission accomplished (and then some)!

    Cuphead looks absolutely incredible! Its gameplay is viciously brutal, but it is so pretty, you don't really mind starting over again...and again...and again.

    Another reason why Cuphead works so well is the period-sounding jazz soundtrack composed by one Kristofer Maddigan. It really cooks!

    Cuphead is available to play on Xbox, but also on PCs running Windows 10 (which is how I'm enjoying it). What's more, Microsoft's Xbox wireless controllers also work with the game via Bluetooth. (I recommend buying one, as things get so intense, you'd likely ruin your keyboard by mashing on it.)

    A very cool bit of Cuphead merchansise that it coming out is its soundtrack LP. It's a 4-record collection that was designed to look like a 1930's set of 78s. (You know the type – a book-like binder, with each record in its own interior sleeve/page.) And like the game itself, things have been "aged" to give everything a vintage look and feel. (The soundtrack costs $100, so I'm still on the fence. Still, it looks like it's worth that amount.)

    If you're a fan of classic theatrical animation of the 1930s, you really should give Cuphead a try. The game's creators really hit a homerun with this one.

    This is the official launch trailer:

    And a picture of the soundtrack LP set:
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  2. SimonSaysCake

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    Ok that retro soundtrack set looks way cool! Maybe not $100 cool but ... damn.

  3. Michelle66

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    This is the Conan O'Brien segment where I first learned about Cuphead. (The creators even made Conan his own intro screen. How cool is that!)
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  4. Michelle66

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    No kidding. I want one, but right now can't rationalize spending $100.00 for one (actually, it's a whopping ¥14,000 here in Japan)

    Check out the label. I love how they nailed its vintage look:

    And how about how they aged its interior!
  5. profholt82

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    Parts Unknown
    I've been looking forward to this one coming out. Can't wait to play it. If you're a fan of the old Max Fleischer cartoons, this is the game for you.
  6. DetroitDoomsayer

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    Detroit, Michigan
    Is there a link to the soundtrack? For some reason I can't find it.

    I'd like to know more about it.
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  7. Michelle66

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  8. longdist01

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    Chicago, IL USA
    now that's pretty wild! A video game with 4xLP soundtrack, that must be a first time packge on vinyl even!
  9. profholt82

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    Parts Unknown
    Got it over the weekend, and I'm loving it. It's largely a run and gun-style shooter with some platforming and occasional flying stages with lots of boss battles. Think Contra gameplay with Mega Man-esque bosses. The animation and music are absolutely fabulous with tons of attention to detail; it's like playing through old 1930s cartoons. The difficulty level is high, but continues are unlimited, and there are plenty of weapon upgrades and such. And practice makes perfect. I highly recommend this game.
  10. Frittenköter

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  11. Ghostworld

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    Does anyone think the music sounds more 40s than 30s? It seems more sax driven. Where the hell are the clarinets? I can’t put my finger on it but something seems amiss with the music.
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  12. Rocker

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    Ontario, Canada
    Mike & Ryan at Cinemassacre just posted a video about it the other day:

    I had never heard anything about the game before seeing their video, but in the past couple days alone it seems that I'm hearing about it everywhere! :p
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  13. Damien DiAngelo

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    Michigan, USA
  14. Exclusive Preview: Cuphead Composer Discusses Big Band Score and the Track "Floral Fury"

    and a look inside one of the recording sessions for the game, courtesy of the StudioMDHR Youtube channel:
  15. Bryan

    Bryan Starman Jr.

    Berkeley, CA
    I really hope this makes it to Switch or PS4 eventually (don't own an Xbox). It looks awesome!
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  16. Bryan

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    Berkeley, CA
    Actually there's a bit of a renaissance of video game soundtracks being released on vinyl at the moment. Off the top of my head, Grand Theft Auto V received a vinyl boxset that was at least 4xLP, if not more.
  17. supermd

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    Campbell, CA
    Unfortunately, the game's studio confirmed it will never be on any other consoles besides Xbox One or Windows. However, he said he won't rule out a sequel being multiplatform.

    Cuphead Is 100 Percent Microsoft Exclusive, Will Not Come to PS4 - IGN

    I'm bummed, because I have a PS4. I'm actually going to have to buy it for Windows 10. Never thought I'd do that, but for this beautiful game, I will.
  18. Grunge Master

    Grunge Master Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold.

    I posted about this the other day in the video games thread. I got it the first day it was released. It's pretty surreal, as it feels like playing a cartoon. And, it's really hard. You need to play it with two people!
  19. Bryan

    Bryan Starman Jr.

    Berkeley, CA
    Bummer. Maybe I'd eventually get it for my Mac, but I kind of hate playing games on the computer (other than strategy ones). I'll hope for a multi-platform sequel.
  20. Thievius

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    Game definitely looks cool, but I'll reward them by never buying this game. Hate 3rd party exclusions. And yes, that's a purposeful typo.
  21. Michelle66

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    Actually, playing it alone isn't that bad.

    And there is often so much stuff on the screen at any one time, having a second person shooting would make it harder to avoid the enemies' shots.

    But, yeah, it's brutally hard. Whenever you can finally achieve that hard-won "Victory!" card, it's a very satisfying feeling.
  22. Michelle66

    Michelle66 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Finally finished the game the other night. (Woo-hoo!)

    One of the best $70 I've ever spent ($20 for the game and $50 for the wireless controller). The artwork and music was absolutely fantastic, which made having to start each level over and over bearable.

    I thought the airplane levels were the hardest, and the final battle with the devil one of the easiest.

    The King Dice level is the most complex, where you must battle between 3 and 9 bosses just to get to King Dice himself. (Many of the backgrounds in this level are drop-dead gorgeous.)

    Cuphead is easily one of the best video games I've ever played. A rare instance were everything about the game exceeded expectations.
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  23. Supposedly the reason for the exclusion was all the money Microsoft put into development, with the condition that it be available on Microsoft environments only.

    That said, there's enough people that have plowed through it on Youtube or blasted through it on Twitch that you can thoroughly enjoy the game. (minus the controller-slinging rage raising your own blood pressure) For a playthrough, I'd personally recommend:

    (1 of 12)

    Jesse Cox and WOWCrendor (and later Dodger (PressHeartToContinue)) absolutely destroying those poor soulless beasts. :D Gameplay (after story/tutorial) starts around 6:30 in the first video.
  24. Wrightfan

    Wrightfan Forum Resident

    Great game but man is it challenging. One of the hardest I've ever played.
  25. Mistermono

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    Toronto, Canada
    Bought this on a whim while getting my daughter a DS game. The store was running a promo and we got a free Cuphead mug with purchase! Beautiful, highly original game, very difficult. Reminds me of endless hours spent "beating" games in high school.
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