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    You're not alone. Both my wife and myself have a very difficult time understanding the dialogue in Daredevil. Not all the time, but Matt, Elektra, and Karen do a lot of soft-talking (they're Soft Talkers!). Turn up the dialogue to hear-able levels, and the music/FX will blow you out of the room.

    This isn't uncommon with a ton of current shows. There are other discussions here about the way dialogue level mixes are getting horrible in various shows, and I put Daredevil into that category.
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    I'm very excited for Jessica Jones season 2, and Luke Cage also.

    My problems with Daredevil are similar to my problems with Nolan's Batman; the more its world building is styled on the dark and gritty, the deeply flawed and wounded characters, their drama, the more it breaks my suspension of disbelief when that protagonist puts on a rubber suit with a cape (horns). My mind has a much harder time wrapping itself around that for some reason than magic ninjas showing up in an action series.. That said, I enjoy both of those franchises and DD season 2 was pretty entertaining. I'll keep watching.
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    Loved the little clip of Luke Cage and the bullets at the end!!!
  4. Vidiot

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    It's a weird creative choice, usually by the actor, and I totally agree that there's a way that actors can seem to speak quietly without making it hard for the audience to understand them. Jim Caviezel is awful with this problem on Person of Interest, a real mumbler. Good actor, just hard to understand. Actors like this are the bane of the sound mixer's existence.

    You have to buy into the concept, or just watch something else. I knew the comic book very well in the 1960s and 1970s, so it's not that much of a stretch to say, "OK, it's the same idea only in 2016," and I can go with it. I do kind of have a problem with two things in Daredevil: 1) the long stretches of time that our lead characters are not in the plotline (particularly the long scenes of the Punisher in prison), and 2) the near-constant fight scenes with kung-fu guys, with nobody just getting out an automatic weapon and blowing them all away. I'm kind of like the kid in Austin Powers, asking his supervillain father, "hey, dad! Why don't you just shoot the guy in the back of the head! Bang, problem solved!" It's almost a cliche in this show: insert 4-minute kung-fu fight scene here.
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    Is season 1 blu-ray for sale?
  6. Lonson

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    No, no Blu-ray discs for sale yet, none for Season 1 at all. :(
  7. Tree of Life

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    I get what your saying but the Daredevil comic's of the 70's didn't have automatic machine guns blazing. Not at all. Daredevil never wanted to kill anyone, that was not the end game for him. He wanted them to pay sure, but he also wanted them to face justice.

    As far as the long stretch's of time not involving a lead, didn't bother me at all. I looked at it as them giving us an in depth introduction to a new character that's going to be involved with Daredevil & the Defender series that's looming on down the line. Beside's no one really knows how many season's of Daredevil Netflix is going to produce but I'm loving every minute of it.
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  8. hotsoup

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    As a huge PoI fan, I still always get the feeling he's doing a voice. It sounds unnatural to me.
    I buy into it most of the time, but my suspension is kind of walking a tight rope when sci-fi and fantasy go for dark realism. Guardians of the Galaxy, even Agents of Shield were/are done in a way that I don't care what kind lunacy happens on screen. I'm safely in make-believe land. I don't think I'm explaining it well but it's like one show is trying to sell me on "real" people, doing real things, in real life. It can be extraordinary but it'd better make sense. The other show is selling fantasy from the get-go. The latter is easier to process. The former sets itself up to meet all kinds of criteria and often doesn't. There's something illogical about it, an uncanny valley. Does that make any sense?
  9. Vidiot

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    It is a very odd voice. Strangely, Caviezel is an American, born and raised. Just a strange way of talking. But by god, it is unique and memorable.

    Yeah, I've encountered the same kind of problem. One typical issue with drama is that they have to establish some logical rules and then stick to them, even when telling fantastic stories. Harry Potter is a good example of a very complex fantasy that had iron clad rules you could not break: you couldn't use magic to create food, you couldn't use magic to make machines, you couldn't use magic to bring a living thing back from the dead. Daredevil is believable to a point, but I wince at the amount of time Matt Murdock is away from his office and not going to court, using lame excuses as to why. (And this was also a long-standing problem in the comic book, too.) The vast conspiracy of evil kung-fu agents trying to kill him is a lot harder to believe.
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  10. Lonson

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    I got to the end of Disc 4 this morning. . . no more discs in the set. . . I could have watched four more easily in two days!

    Season 2 was a great season, I'm sure Season 1 was as well. I didn't "feel" the Punisher's storyline as much as Elektra's, but that makes sense for me because in the comics it was the same. But I felt they chose a good actor for Frank Castle and I liked how they slowly revealed and resolved the storyline about his family and commanding officer, and can understand how the family's death drew Karen Page into sympathy and support. Also appreciated how the defense case allowed Foggy to step up in Matt's absences and shine.

    There's so much violence in both story arcs. . .but I accepted it because it is always there in the comics and realistically amped up for live action. And the personal relationships between Foggy, Karen, Claire, Matt. . . very nicely revealed and played out, and acted.

    It was Elektra's arc though that makes me declare this the best superhero show I've seen on TV. The mystical nature of the Hand and the "war" don't bother me at all. I spent a decade of my life studying religion and mysticism, and I thought that the Hand's belief in the chosen one, immortality and resurrection and blood made a nice twisted comparison to institutional Christianity (which itself may be a twisted form of the original faith, but that's another story not to be told here). I'm not sure how featured Matt's Catholic faith or struggle is in the first season as I haven't seen it, but there's a nice contrast possible. And the ninja fighting. . . I thought it was all well choreographed and I felt it combined elements of one of my other favorite comics contemporary to my interest in Daredevil, Shang-Chi master of Kung Fu. And Elektra and Daredevil battling squads of ninjas, lots of pressure and challenges and visually was always interesting to me.

    I hope they release Season 1 on disc at some point in the near future! I'm eager to see it.
  11. Mr. H

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    Season 2 was good. Season 1 was incredible.
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  12. riverclown

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    I'm up to ep. 9 of Season 1 and enjoying it. One thing that is sort of annoying is why would a beauty like Vanessa fall for a man like Fisk who has zero personality of any interest, is scary and creepy, and also fat and ugly? That makes no sense, but maybe there will be further exposition of her pathologies, perversions, or maybe an ulterior motive involved.

    Also, as to the fight scenes, I have no problem suspending disbelief that the Daredevil can do all those amazing moves even though he is blind - I understand the concept behind that. But it's one of those shows where good guys and bad just keep getting clobbered with one severe blow after another and keep going. In real life even a single blow like is being thrown there would lead to a concussion, or unconsciousness, or a detached retina, multiple broken bones in the face, or even death. But the show is otherwise good enough to look past all that.
  13. dprokopy

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    FYI, I have no problem with the mix/dialog. In fact, I've been constantly impressed by the 5.1 mix of this show throughout both seasons. They do a lot of creative stuff in the mix, making full use of the surround field (very rare, I've found, for series television). I guess it kind of makes sense when your lead character has to rely so heavily on his hearing.
  14. GodShifter

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    Fisk is a powerful man with wealth. How many times have you seen a beautiful woman on the arm of a wealthy troll? It's not uncommon.
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    Well in the UK that one was summed up by this legendary interview -
  16. Encuentro

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    They have a teaser trailer out for "The Defenders", also a short Trailer on "Iron Fist" that both appeared at comic con. I had a feeling we wouldn't be seeing season two of Jessica Jones until 2018. With "Luke Cage" ( Jessica Jones is in it), coming in September and "The Defenders" and "Iron Fist" in 2017 (Iron Fist coming first), it only made sense to push them back. I was happy when I heard that Netflix gave the green light for season 3 of Daredevil!
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  18. Voodoo Child

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    Amazon UK have season 1 of Daredevil on blu-ray and DVD listed for release on the 3rd of October. 4 disc set but no mention of any special features yet.
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  19. jpelg

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    Just now finally getting into this series the last weeks. Season 1 was terrific, and halfway through 2 we are still hooked!
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  20. Andy Smith

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    I lost interest in the 2nd series about the time the Kingpin made an appearance. I need to go back and finish it.

    Finally got around to watching Luke Cage. It wasn't as bad as I'd first feared but definitely went on about 5 episodes too long.
  21. smilin ed

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    Pretty women out walking with gorillas down my street...
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  22. Paper Wizard

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    Recently watched the whole first season of Daredevil on blu-ray.
    Really enjoyed it. Does anyone know when season two will be released on blu ray or dvd?
  23. Lonson

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    Re-watching Season 2 on DVD (I have the set Neftlix put out to critics for award consideration). Love it even more this time through. Elodie Yung was an inspired choice for Elektra. She's nailed the part in my opinion.

    I like the whole of the season. . . . I hope that I can get to see Luke Cage and Iron Fist outside of Netflix. . . . I may stream Netflix one day but right now I'm not doing any streaming. . . I think Defenders when it appears may be quite good. We'll see.
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  24. Deesky

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    I wish I could have liked S2, but for me it completely destroyed the good will S1 had established. I'm seriously considering not bothering with S3 (I'll see which way the reviews blow), which is a shame since I really like all the principal characters. It's the plot and the padding which ruined S2 for me.
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  25. As I recall they had a showrunner change which I'm sure impacted some of the writing but I'm pretty sure the story arc for season two was already established.
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