David Gilmour - Live in Pompeii (Official Release)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by rontoon, Mar 13, 2017.

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    Speaking of tickets, I had kept my tickets for last year's Gilmour show in Chicago up until the day after I attended the show.

    Question: Would I somehow be able to get ticketmaster to reprint old tickets and mail me some real physical ones? Not only did I lose the originals after the show, but they were also on crummy receipt-like paper that was printed at a Wal-Mart TM kiosk.

    Would love to display the real official tickets.

    I realize this is probably a strange question. Lol.
  2. SammyJoe

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    An excerpt of "Time":
  3. Yujo Rodrigues

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    Uberlandia, Brazil
    First night I was outside the gig, looking to the lights from the presentation in a hotel room right in front of the ruins park and the roman amphitheater. Unfortunatly there were lots of tall trees that blocked additional views, but I saw the constant presence of a professional video shooter drone. On the second night, at the roman Amphitheather I saw this drone rarely, just a few times. Do you guess they got aerial footage from the fist night and kept sound and band viewpoint from the second one ?
  4. Yujo Rodrigues

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    Uberlandia, Brazil
    Drone working hard during Pompeii first night...
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    Is it Amazon italy that has the best price on the Deluxe Blu Ray version?
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    You always have an opportunity to compare cost: David Gilmour / Live at Pompeii
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    From the available previews, the aerial footage from Run Like Hell with the fireworks (which was much more at the 2nd night according to people that went to both shows - I went to the 2nd) is likely from the 2nd night as it matches the inside shots.
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    I still don't know what they got from Night #1 (maybe aerial shots from the the crowd / surroundings, etc.), what I can tell you with a high degree of certainty (spotting yellow wristbands in the audience is a giveaway) is that all the footage we've seen up until now (approximately half of the songs perfomed) was from Night #2. Both audio and video. Plus, the drone footage from Run Like Hell is Night #2 too.

    At some point there was even a leak of some (staggering) drone footage from this night which showed the amazing fireworks. Obviously it was quickly withdrawn from YouTube by the Gilmour team ;)
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    Chicago, USA
    Not as quick as I was to download it! :D
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    Smart move!
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    Wow, Greg's voice sounds great on "Time". It's still sad not to have Richard Wright around, but I would never have dreamed that we would be getting to hear truly stunning players like Leavell and Phillinganes in his stead
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    Me too!!
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    In The Light
    Watched the movie today at a press screening, beautifully shot I must say. David's playing is simply mind-blowing throughout, and his singing is spot on too. Truth is, words could never do any justice to the magnificence of his talent.

    The setlist is built in a clever way and the band is pretty tight... Oh, and the sound quality was wonderful, left the cinema in a daze.
  14. segue

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  15. SammyJoe

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    That's great to hear.
    Anyways, Im so looking forward to seeing this one from the big screen at the local cinema with my wife next wednesday.
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    London Town
  17. RPOZ51

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    New Jersey, USA
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    I realize that not every journalist knows of the prickly nature of the Waters/Gilmour relationship like us Floyd nerds but it's still somewhat astonishing when interviewers ask questions like "Have you or would you see the Waters tour?"
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  19. Billy Infinity

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    If this was 2004, I'd agree with you.

    But since Live 8, the Palestinian charity gig, and the O2 Wall show featuring Gilmour I would now see this as a fair question. In fact I was a little surprised that Gilmour was so quick to say that he didn't/wouldn't go to a Waters show.
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  20. Kalli

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    Maybe he has read some of Waters' recent interviews. Some of Rogs remarks where offensive just like in the good old days.
  21. SoundAdvice

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    Gilmour attended the Wall redux tour. DG does make money directly from the Waters tours due to mechanical/performance royalties(possibly some of the Floyd screen films as well)
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    Perfect. Cant wait
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    London, England
    Does anyone know how many tickets were sold for the Pompeii shows?

    Relatively speaking, compared with some of the other venues he played on this tour, these shows look quite intimate!
  25. mattazing

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    2000 tickets were sold for each night. It was very intimate and a fantastic experience!
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