Deep Discount 15% off until 5/11

Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by Marvin, May 9, 2016.

  1. MYKE

    MYKE Get Off My Lawn

    Everywhere I looked late last night, The Doors : The Singles - the box of 20 vinyl 45s, was $130.- $150. When I checked Deep Discount, it had already been marked down to $ 124.06, before the 15% off ( $18.61 value) making the final price before shipping, $ 105.45 !!!!

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  2. Tjazz

    Tjazz Forum Resident

    But then they added an extra shipping of $3.99.
  3. MYKE

    MYKE Get Off My Lawn

    Weight. Still lower priced than anywhere else I found. Import CDs, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bull Moose, Acoustic Sounds, Music Direct, Elusive Disc.
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  4. street legal

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    west milford, nj
    I always get free shipping with DeepDiscount, you just have to spend over $25. In my experience, if you do spend over $25, the deals are always better than importcds, once you add the price for shipping with them. I can't even remember the last time I ordered anything from importcds or Amazon.
    It's been years.
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  5. Reese

    Reese Forum Resident

    Except during importCDs 10% off sales and only then on certain items (and you need to place a big order).
  6. DJ LX

    DJ LX Forum Resident

    Madison WI
    They make an exception to the $25-dollar-free-shipping threshold in the case of vinyl purchases due to the added expense of shipping vinyl.
  7. SJP

    SJP Forum Resident

    Exception? Deep Discount? Not true. I ordered 2 vinyl LP's and a few CD's with no shipping cost whatsoever.
  8. bamboozlednow

    bamboozlednow Member

    deep discount charges for shipping if you order any record(s) that weigh over 1.25 pounds or 1.5 pounds, i forget which weight it is. so basically anything that is a double LP or more they charge shipping on whether you're over the free shipping threshold or not. it doesn't go by total weight. you can order 100 single LP's and get free shipping. but if you order 100 single LP's and 1 double LP they will charge you shipping on that 1 double LP.

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