Deep Discount 15% off until 5/11

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    An hour or so left, if someone wants to get a last-minute order in...
  2. I've done enough comparisons between the sites that it's not so cut-and-dried. Some music items are cheaper on DD than ImportCDs, though it can be quite maddening finding any rhyme or reason between the two sites' respective pricing on the same item.

    And once in a great while, the price will be cheaper on their eBay outlet than either of their own websites.
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    and for new domestic releases CCMusic is usually their cheaper site. Deep Discount is usually the cheapest for new imports (especially MOV titles)
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    Today only, free shipping using code FLASH1.

    Doesn't apply to heavy items, and they have free shipping at $25 anyway, but I ordered two Warner Archive movies in the $11-$12 range and didn't have to worry about finding a "get me over item" to hit the $25 mark. So, it was worthwhile to me, and maybe will be to others, too.

    It's a one-time use coupon.
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