Deleted scenes that have never been seen

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    Quite a bit of stuff from Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman was cut out. Originally the Monster (Lugosi) was supposed to be able to talk and was blind. They decided to not have the Monster speak and made no mention of his blindness.

    Supposedly in one scene cut out Chaney Jr. tells the Monster that he turns into a wolf during a full moon and the Monster says, "You're kidding me"...:)

    This is all stuff I've learned from a great classic horror forum that has extremely knowledgable posters...I hope this is all true.
  2. rjp

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    all the different endings shot for the sopranos.

    supposedly they don't exist, but i think otherwise.
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    A friend of mine is a Robert Altman fanatic and he wishes against all probability that all the extra footage shot for Nashville would be released in a deluxe DVD set. I suspect Altman probably overshot for most of his films, given the way they're constructed, and then edited them down to what he wanted.

    There was a massive amount of footage Capra shot for Lost Horizon (1937) that got cut, rendering even the existing "restored" version just barely coherent. That film could have (and probably should have) been 3 hours long. All that extra footage was unfortunately destroyed or lost.
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    The alternate ending to Casablanca:
  5. pdenny

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    Isn't the "Jitterbug" sequence on the OZ DVD?
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    Nobody can say "Thank You For Smoking" to Katie Holmes...because her husband supposedly insisted her most "smoking" scenes from that film were extinguished.

    Do I get a prize for the metaphors? :D
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    What about the deleted scenes from Performance that are supposedly only in the hands of the actors/actresses?
  8. Chip TRG

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    If it's the same footage used for the old Laserdisc Boxset, then "No, it's not".

    The LD Box used home movie footage of the cast rehersing the JITTERBUG scene on set synced up with the actual still-existing soundtrack.
  9. Chip TRG

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    Right! The scene where Mungo is in the diving suit was cut. I'd seen the film on TV first, then rented the video. I actually returned the video and complained that the entire film wasn't there!

    Was this footage ever put back in for a DVD release?
  11. lasvidfil

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    I would love to see all that footage. I'm a huge fan of the Universal Frankensteins. All 7 of them. According to the Universal Film Script Series of books on the Frankenstein movies, it's true, all that footage was shot but unknown if it still exists. I don't think it would have improved Bela's performance as the monster, he just was NOT made for that role, but the movie would have made more sense. Where is this horror movie forum??
  12. Steve Hoffman

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    The closing of DOUBLE INDEMNITY which has the scene in the gas chamber.

    The opening of LOST HORIZON which starts just like the book. The first 20 minutes were burned and the film starts in mid-stream. A stroke of luck for Capra. George Lucas took the same wise approach for the opening of STAR WARS. Either we "latch on" and go with the movie or we are left behind.
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    The roadshow version of "The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes". Some of it was restored as a bonus for the LD then DVD edition but the other part is lost.

    The full cut of Erich von Stroheim's "Greed".

    The longer cut of Erich von Stroheim's "Queen Kelly"

    The "roadhouse" version of "The Blues Brothers". Some of it was reinstated in the longer cut but some other parts are reportedly lost.

    The opening scene to "A Night At The Opera", cut because it glorified too much Italy.

    The final scene from "The Shining". The hotel manager met Mrs Torrance at the hospital. This scene has only been shown at the premiere.

    One scene from Full Metal Jacket, where the soldiers reportedly played with the severed head of the sniper.
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    You guys need to seek out the fan documentaries "Deleted Magic", "Building Empire", and "Returning To Jedi". They integrate all known deleted material, outtakes, behind-the-scenes footage, home movies, and production stills into each film, to show what went into (or got left out of) making them. The Wampa and Sandstorm scenes are well-reconstructed using stills and text.

    If you just want to see the Biggs Darklighter and other scenes that only showed up (in their entirety, I might add) on the CDRom, there's also a DVD called "The Lost Scenes" making the rounds. I obviously can't tell you where to find any of these DVD's, since they're not official, but they're quite popular.

    Side note: They just recently released a Biggs Darklighter action figure! And he's wearing his outfit from those deleted scenes in question. There's also a Luke Skywalker in his "moisture farmer" outfit. The irony--two figures from scenes that Lucas won't even see fit to put as "special features/deleted scenes" on his own DVD's!
  15. stereoptic

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    How about that Popeye cartoon where he punches Bluto and his pants fall down and he's not wearing any underwear? ;)
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    OMG! You're kidding! That would have been in such poor taste.

    That reminds me of the story that in Frenzy, Hitchcock filmed shots of saliva dripping off the tongue of the strangled woman and falling on her chest. But he was talked out of the idea before editing took place, so the shots were never inserted.
  17. minerwerks

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    I've seen "Deleted Magic," but I didn't know they had actually completed further entries for the other films. I thought they were still "in progress."

    I'll have to look into this further to see if there were some other scenes, but a rumor very similar to this started because at one film festival, the projectionist trimmed the end of a reel by mistake and elminated a sex scene with Holmes in it. At the Q&A afterwards, Jason Reitman, the director made a comment about the scene being gone, starting the rumor mill...

    That was me! But the website in question only has stills and frames from the "NY Action" trailer from the DVD. No actual full scenes have surfaced.
  18. SamS

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    Fascinating. Do I need to seek out all three described below? Or would "The Lost Scenes" get me everything I need?

  19. PinballMars

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    Some Twin Peaks fans have been wanting (and petitioning and e-mailing) for years to see the hour or so of scenes left out of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.
  20. PaulKTF

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    Yes! That home movie footage of the scene synced up with the song looks really great. There are a lot of Oz scenes that were deleted and are now lost. :(
  21. sidewinder572

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    The Wicker Man - Lord Summerisle is talking to Sgt Howie about Apples.
  22. Christopher J

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    The scene where Mongo is convinced by Bart to dive down the town’s well to search for treasure, as well as a scene where Mongo duels with a mechanical sheriff are included as extras on the Blazing Saddles "30th Anniversary Special Edition" DVD. A few other scenes exclusive to the broadcast version are on there as well - extended versions of the recruitment line scene and the tollbooth scene, and censored versions of the campfire scene and the "I’m Tired" song.
  23. thxdave

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    That's good to know. I bought the first DVD release and I'm getting a little tired ("I'm tired.....tired of....Oh, never mind) of buying the same title over and over just to get a few new crumbs. Still, I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff.
  24. Capt. Cadillac

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    I'm still waiting to see the footage of Indiana Jones lashed to the submarine periscope in Raiders of the Lost Ark, just for curiosity's sake.
  25. Drawer L

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    There's that little bit in the trailer for HELP!,with George in what looks like a small helicopter.....

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