Denon DP-300F - Auto Stop Headaches

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by elementer1, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. elementer1

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    Having a problem with my auto start/stop mechanism on this TT.

    It was having problems not dropping the needle anywhere near the lead-in groove and, at the end of the record, it wasn't lifting the arm quickly/highly enough so it was dragging the needle over the record. Learned my lesson quickly.

    So, I went inside to adjust the lead-in and lead-out according to the manual. This only caused even more headaches. Now the arm is raising up halfway through the record and dragging the stylus across the record. I've adjusted the record size button. Doesn't matter what size I select, it does this.

    I read a post on this forum about someone with a similar problem and they said they would just disconnect the auto start/stop mechanism entirely. Any information on this? I seem to have messed up something pretty badly here.

    Thanks, everyone.
  2. BCJaysfan

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    Hey, mine is put away somewhere, but this should be relatively easy to adjust. That said, not sure why you had the lead in problem or what the consequences of your adjustments might be.

    The return problem sounds like the lifter isn’t high enough, but your initial lead in problem shouldn’t happen out of the box so ???

    Anyway didn’t want to see your thread die

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