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    Going to Denver for a few days. I'm hoping to take a few hours one day and check out a few audio dealers and some local record stores. I'd really like to audition Emerald Physics speakers, any other recommend stops? Listen Up a good one?

    What about record stores?

  2. Dan C

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    Twist & Shout and Wax Trax are legendary indie record stores there.

    As for audiophile shops there aren't many left. Gold Sound in the Littleton suberb is worth a look. Lots of great vintage gear there too. My other fave shops like Cherry Creek Audio are sadly long gone.

    Dan c
  3. Jgirar01

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    Just went to Wax Trax, good place to browse and fair pricing. Twist and Shout is a great store to browse but I rarely have found much there but is a must see, usually buy new vinyl there. More of a yuppie place now with great in store shows, etc. the Denver area doesn't have a great used vinyl store I have found outside those two. Boulder has Absolute Vinyl and Bart's. Went yesterday and found a few good things at Bart's. Enjoy your trip.
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    I know this probably won't help you now but if you do return hopefully this helps! I was just in denver around the 4th of July and I found a very good hifi shop imo. It is called Gold Sound. It is off of broadway on the south side of denver. They had new and used hifi equipment. Ranging from reel to reel to old phono preamps, monoblocks, stereo amplifiers, etc. The staff was very friendly and the prices were good. They had some nice old Marantz and Mcintosh stuff in there. I would suggest for anyone to stop in there if they have the time.
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    Recollect Records is a relatively new shop near the Art Museum that specializes in soul, funk, jazz, and hip hop. It's my favorite spot for used records in the area.

    Twist and Shout is the best spot for new records, and Wax Trax sometimes get their hands on good collections of punk and post-punk records.
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    Wish I would have seen this thread before your trip. Yes, Listen Up is worth checking out. Very nice store. So how was your trip?

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