Denver Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Music, Movie and Hardware Store Guide' started by ScottInDallas, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. ScottInDallas

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    Looking primarily for rock vinyl used & new. Any places I need to be sure to visit?

  2. pdenny

    pdenny Blow up your TV

    Can't help with the record stores, but be sure and try the Rocky Mountain Oysters :angel:
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  3. Cassius

    Cassius On The Beach

    Lafayette, Co
    Wax Trax- Best Used
    Recollect- Great soul and some nice jazz
    Twist and Shout- Great new selection, typically overpriced on used

    If you can get up to Boulder, Barts has been doing an excellent job lately.
  4. mantis4tons

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    Denver, CO, USA
    Recollect is my favorite store in town, but I've never browsed their rock section. They have an excellent selection of soul, jazz, disco, and have a decent latin section too.

    What kind of rock are you shopping for?
  5. clhboa

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    Angelo's usually has a ton of vinyl. The used tends to be beat up but they also carry a lot of new titles. They have a location a few block from Twist and Shout. Black and Read is a must stop for vinyl. Their prices have been creeping up but who's hasn't?
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  6. Mr. LP Collector

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    Black and read has a huge selection of vinyl, yes, and like most stores are running a sale on cd's like say, buy 2, get one for a dollar. Not sure if they are still doing that though. Next to their vinyl room is thousands of hardback and paperback books. The manager's name is Mike Stelk. Got a question about Colorado bands from the 60's and 70's? Mike knows his stuff as well as anyone in the music business IMO. Their location is 79th and Wadsworth Blvd. I've known the owner for many yeaars, Danny-good guy!
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  7. clhboa

    clhboa Forum Resident

    So have you made the trip yet?

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