"Dig It" (on Let it Be)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dave Gilmour's Cat, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Dave Gilmour's Cat

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    Inspired by the "Dig a Pony" thread.

    This is slight yet somehow...tremendous.

    It was edited down from a much longer jam, but – having heard that long version – I think they judged the edit perfectly.

    Do you Dig It?
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  2. gkmacca

    gkmacca Forum Resident

    I do. As you say, it's slight but the edit works well. I like John's voice on it.
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  3. ohnothimagen

    ohnothimagen https://soundcloud.com/porkchops-productions

    They should have kept Glyn Johns' four minute edit for use on Let It Be.
  4. grandegi

    grandegi Blind test maniac

    Rome, Italy
    The edit is ok, but I would have left it off the album. It's too sloppy. It sounds like the Beatles were unable to do things seriously at the time, that's only partially true, so I think it would have worked better in a collection of outtakes, not an official album. It's the only real flaw in Let It Be imo.
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  5. fogalu

    fogalu Forum Resident

    Killarney, Ireland
    I agree. They could have left out Maggie Mae as well.
    And why the hell didn't Spector or the Beatles include "Don't Let Me Down?" instead of the above filler?
  6. varitone

    varitone Forum Resident

    Lincs, UK
    Yes it's a big part of the character of the album and a well chosen segment of the track. I think some very good judgements were made putting Let It Be together.
  7. grandegi

    grandegi Blind test maniac

    Rome, Italy
    It was probably considered "old stuff", as it was released as a single. This applies to "Get Back" as well, though.
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  8. slane

    slane Forum Resident

    Already on an album in February 1970.

  9. qwerty

    qwerty A resident of the SH Forums.

    Yet in my mind "Don't Let Me Down" is on the Let It Be album - I have to keep reminding myself that its' not.

    And back to "Dig It", I've always considered it to be quite disposable, despite it's charm. The whole of the released Let It Be album is a mess, it could have been so much better. Why don't they have a go at fixing it and releasing an update? ... what's that you say? Let It Be Naked? No, better not mention that one.
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  10. Chooke

    Chooke Forum Resident

    Perth, Australia
    And not Maggie May?
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  11. Sheik Yerbouti

    Sheik Yerbouti Forum Resident

    "Dig it"? When I was younger, so much younger than today :) ...

    ... especially "Like the FBI ... and the CIA" sounded very much like Mick Jagger to my ears.
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  12. gkmacca

    gkmacca Forum Resident

    Personally I think there are plenty of flaws in the album. Maggie May, the bits of dialogue inserted in the wrong contexts, the scrappiness of some of the songs... It's a flawed album, so Dig It fits fine for me.
  13. dartira

    dartira Forum Resident

    Totally agree with that. Those snippets contributed to the notion they were losing their focus.
    If you watch the rooftop footage you can see they weren't, at all.
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  14. The Zodiac

    The Zodiac God's Lonely Man

    I dont care for it. Its throwaway filler like this that ruins the album.
  15. htbomb

    htbomb Hot Rod

    I rather like the snippet of Dig It that made the album - a flawed gem that nicely captures the overall essence of the sessions as seen in the Let It Be film.
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  16. muffmasterh

    muffmasterh Forum Resident

    East London U.K
    i can take it or leave it, on my ideal version of Let it Be as the album i think it could/should have been, its an optional, i did not have room for to squeeze the full version but i could do a Spector and maybe squeeze in the edit

    side one ( all naked versions but with out takes retained )
    two of us
    across the universe
    i me mine
    long & winding road
    for you blue
    ( Dig it ? )
    Let it Be

    side two would contain the tracks from the rooftop and would be a psuedo live set starting with I've got a feeling , include dont let me down and ending with revised Get Back edit, Maggie Mae could be tucked on at the end a bit like Her Maj on AR.
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  17. JohnnyQuest

    JohnnyQuest Forum Resident

    Ditto. It's included in my version of Let It Be. I can't even imagine LIB without "Don't Let Me Down".
  18. grandegi

    grandegi Blind test maniac

    Rome, Italy
    I respectfully disagree. The bits of dialogue inserted might be out of place, but the performances are overall fine. "One After 909" and "I Got A Feeling" are good live renditions. Personally I also like Spector's production, especially the edits in "I Me Mine", even though the production is excessive on "Long And Winding Road" and "Across the Universe" sounds too slow. All in all, it does not sound to me like a "sloppy" album so "Dig It" does not belong there (in my opinion). I'm not saying Let It Be is at the same level as Abbey Road, but I find it generally underrated. As a posthumous album it's a great one
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  19. grandegi

    grandegi Blind test maniac

    Rome, Italy
    Well "Maggie Mae" is just a cover of a traditional folk song, they were having some fun, the harmonies are not out of tune (see "Save the Last Dance for me" on the early Glyn Johns mix)... it's not a great rendition but it doesn't bother me so much. "Dig It" is a Lennon-McCartney tune and easily one of their worst ones.
  20. TheLazenby

    TheLazenby Forum Resident

    I wish they'd properly mix the fifteen-minute "Like A Rolling Stone - Twist and Shout - Dig It" medley. Sadly, the bootlegged version is drowned out by Heather McCartney screaming into a microphone.

    Though the last eight minutes (which are only "Dig It") WERE mixed as a separate entity with Heather pushed down a lot lower, which is nice.
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  21. grandegi

    grandegi Blind test maniac

    Rome, Italy
    I think there's a certain difference between Let It Be as a film and Let It Be as an album. The former is a documentary about a band trying to make a new album, i.e. Get Back, but actually having no will to work seriously and about to split up (I think it's no coincidence that 1) the film hasn't been released on DVD/BluRay yet; 2) when they started to work seriously on a new album, i.e. Abbey Road, they completely ignored what they had done a few months earlier). The latter is a posthumous album, assembled and released about 1,5 years later, that's more like "let's get the dust off what's left in the vaults" than "let's summarise what happened at the Twickenham Studios". I mean, the album captures something different from what the film was meant to convey.
  22. slane

    slane Forum Resident

    Yes, they completely ignored everything... except for Something, Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Oh Darling, Octopus's Garden, I Want You, Sun King, Polythene Pam, Mean Mr Mustard, She Came In Through The Bathroom Window, Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight and Her Majesty - all of which had been rehearsed/recorded in January.
  23. Thwacko

    Thwacko Forum Resident

    Fort Mill, SC
    "Dig It" is a waste of everyone's time. It's just a jam that goes nowhere, and every band has those when they are trying to figure out something new. There's no reason to release someone's riff tapes.

    On a similar note, I don't like the jam tracks on The Monkees "Headquarters", as much as I like the rest of the album.
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  24. Dave Gilmour's Cat

    Dave Gilmour's Cat Forum Resident Thread Starter

    It's not meant to be a polished album, though. I really like the loose, fragmentary element. They didn't often let their guard down.
  25. soniclovenoize

    soniclovenoize Forum Resident

    Minneapolis, MN
    All I'm going to say is that "Maggie Mae" and "Dig It" both make complete sense if you think of Let It Be as a continuation of The White Album (see: "Wild Honey Pie", "Why Don't We Do It In The Road", "Can You Take Me Back", etc)
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