"Dig It" (on Let it Be)

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    Wrong choice of words from my side (sorry, I'm not a native speaker). I meant they ignored completely the Twickenham stuff that was intended to be released on the next album (Get Back). As far as I recall Polythene Pam and Mean Mr Mustard were written in India so they pre-existed, but apart from that I meant they ignored all that was "ready for release" in January 1969. The point of my post was that Let It Be as a film and Let It Be as an album are conceived for different purposes.
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    Well yes, but by the time Abbey Road really got started, Glyn Johns was already working on the January recordings for the 'Get Back' album, so those songs were off-limits for AR. The album (and film and book) just took longer to come out than expected. The January recordings were made at Apple incidentally, not Twickenham.
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    this has been discussed before but imho Spector both saved and ruined LIB, he saved it by finding the best takes but ruined it by adding the orchestrations which rendered the " new phase Beatles album " original project redundant and pointless. However he nearly had the right idea imho and i like the extra bits of dialogue and would have retained them. I do accept though he was under pressure to produce a listenable product in time for the movie, not something Spector is known to be good at plus the Beatles had long since given up control of the tiller, Paul was often in hiding in Scotland without a phone and John's main concern was to get something out that didn't make him puke like Glyn John's versions - and to that regard he succeeded but to me its a missed opportunity as a very good album is hiding in there somewhere between Spector and Naked, the amount of strong tracks in there is impressively up there with any Beatles album.
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    but they had already done that with 3/4 of the White album
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    I agree. It kinda stinks.
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    yes thats true but HJ was not a proper album but a tidying up exercise, I see no reason why DLMD could not have been included on LIB, they could have used a different take/edit to the single version had they wanted. Also HJ was not a worldwide release, it was issued only in the UK for export ( although it still ended up being stocked in many UK stores ) and the Beatles when active always treated their UK product as the definitive article.
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    Monkee jams are painful to listen to.
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    I like the long version in the film. I like the "C'mon Paul!" by John as he tries to get him involved in the singing. Paul has a look on his face that's like "I'm playing the piano, trying to adlib some lyrics...and I'm being filmed" he looks a little lost
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    well you are correct in one sense in that the Let it Be film was a fly on the wall of the Beatles au natural, the resultant Get Back album was slated for release in mid 69 but the resultant product appalled John and George at least it got kicked into the long grass, it was only the films impending release that this stuff was dusted off and stolen in the night to be given to Spector as they felt they needed an album to go with the film ( as otherwise the stand out tracks from the movie would have been bizarrely missing from the record canon ) so in that sense the projects then converged but had get back been released in 69 the film would have had to be a stand alone. The Let it Be album was then (re)conceived specifically to go with the film
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    Would be interesting to poll between
    1. Omit
    2. Release edited as is
    3. Release the longer edit by Glyn John's
    4. Release a longer edit than that
    5. Release all or part of one of the other takes of it.
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    Releasing a song on 2 LPs within 2 months would have been odd. And the US was certainly their biggest market. Klein was calling the shots at this point (including HJ LP) and certainly got that.
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    A bad and not even fun track.
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    Dig It is not filler, it's a beautifully executed link track. And it serves multiple purposes. It's a quick release, a short bit of Beatley goofiness in between two more serious and heavy-handed tracks. Spector chose the best part for his edit, and the added "Hark the angels sing" bit is the perfect lead-in to Let It Be. It provides a little extra Lennon, who is otherwise a little short on the LP. And with the writing credits, it gives George and Ringo a little extra income. What's not to like???
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    It's not really a song-----just a musical aside.
    It would have been better if it had just been tacked on the end of I Me Mine and not banded or listed as a separate track (which raises expectations when hearing it the first time).
    Maybe they should have included more of these little bits on side 2 so this and Maggie Mae don't stand out as much.
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    I remember seeing them review the film on the Today Show when it was first released (I was getting ready for school ...), and, believe it or not, the clip they showed was part of "Dig It." So I thought that was a featured track! Couldn't figure out why it got such short shrift on the album ...
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    i agree in so far as much they would have certainly had to have used a different version on Let it Be but that would have been easily do-able.
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    Dig It was structured chaos. From the early version (Get-Off/Can You Dig it) to the TV special commercial (John sings a similar version of Dig It where he blurts out the song titles including All Things Must Pass), there was an organization to the composition as was also the case for Mary Jane and even Rev # 9 (see the later version "20" for proof). Personally I like the longer version with Paul's baritone "Dig it ups" but can do without the Heather wails, which I at first thought was Yoko.
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  18. Dave Gilmour's Cat

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    As a poll idea, I dig it!
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    Don't mind it, can take or leave it, I do like Maggie Mae.
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    I wish Let it Be Naked was really Let it Be Naked, and had things Dig It with Heather vocals and Paul's Dig it ups.
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    I love the 8 minute version of Dig It. The LIB album is too short. The film version cuts Georges contributions out.

    I would love to hear the de-Heatherized version of Dig It. The full version is a chore to listen to until someone takes the mic away from her.
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    Great track. :goodie: :bdance:Dig it, Matt Busby.
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    You may not be a native speaker, but by God, you write English better than many native-born English speakers! :thumbsup:
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    I like 'Dig It' very well. The edit is fine, but I dig the full jam, too. I'll take 'Dig It' and 'Maggie May' over the LIB Harrison songs any day, and Harrison is my man.

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