Dion DiMucci about the release of his 'lost' 1965 album "Kickin' Child"- exclusive interview*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by abbeyrdsteve, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. abbeyrdsteve

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    Over the rainbow
    Here's the word I got from Sony:

    "3 are produced by Mersey: Kickin’ Child, It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue and So Much Younger. All the rest are Tom Wilson."
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  2. Fender Relic

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    I'm in...Dion being "The Man" and all.
  3. The Zodiac

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    It's interesting they reached back for "Kickin' Child". It doesn't really belong with the rest of the material, which was recorded later in the summer-fall '65, If you're including "Kickin' Child" then you might as well include "Spoonful", the other side of the 45 and recorded at the same session. In my fantasy land "Kickin' Child" and "Spoonful" are on an LP that comes before the "Dion & The Wanderers" album.
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  5. Whoopycat

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    So I get to support Dion and Norton Records simultaneously? Win-win!

    Man I loves me that Bronx Blues cd.
  6. sixelsix

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    I prefer this version, even if he stumbles a little on one of the verses. The vocal is incisive.

    "You're gonna lose your happy home. . ."
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  7. Pelvis Ressley

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    Just curious where it's documented that this was to be an actual album in '65? To my knowledge, there's nothing in the Sony archives about it. No sequenced or compiled masters.
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  8. bxbluesman

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    Dion's a local hero around these parts, with people of my generation. When I was a kid, I would hear the vocal groups singing on the corner on a Saturday night, or down in the subway station, for the echo.
  9. sixelsix

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    Per a recent (30 mins ago) Scott Kempner FB post, all of the tracks included on this release were recorded specifically for an album (the first to be considered as a group of compatible tracks, and not as a couple hits plus filler), and the sequencing comes courtesy of Mr. DiMucci himself.
  10. ralphb

    ralphb "First they came for..."

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    Bravo, Norton!
    Automatically my most anticipated release of the year.
  11. ralphb

    ralphb "First they came for..."

    Brooklyn, New York
    In my section of Brooklyn it was the street corner. Those guys sang me to sleep when I was a kid.
  12. MagneticSouth1966

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    As one could deduce from seeing my user-pic, I've been on cloud nine all day after reports of this release hit my facebook feed. Now I'm hoping for AAA mono vinyl... or at least mono mixes on a well-mastered CD! Truly one of the (if not THE) great lost albums/eras of the 60s!!!
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  13. The Zodiac

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    I'm not so sure I buy this but OK.

    All the Wilson produced tracks were cut at two sessions in September and October '65. They were definitely cut from the same cloth and sound like an album when gathered together.

    I can accept "Baby Blue" getting included in such a hypothetical album as it fits in sonically and was recorded in June, produced by Mersey. I like having it there. It's a good fit.

    "Kickin' Child", however, was record way back in April of '65. And like I said earlier, "Spoonful" was recorded at the same session and was the other side of the 45, and there's no way in hell any hypothetical album compiled at that time would skip over that track. It's too good.

    And "So Much Younger" wasn't even cut until March of '66, so I imagine it's being included as a sort of 'bonus track" as it doesn't fit the theme of the project at all. I'm glad to finally have it on CD, but it's not from '65 and it's not produced by Tom Wilson.
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  14. MagneticSouth1966

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    I've been collecting the (promo) Columbia 45s of this material, and the only one I don't have yet is Two Ton Feather b/w So Much Younger... I always get outbid on eBay, probably because of the rarity of So Much Younger. So, I'm also excited to hear that track will be on the new release... then maybe I can win one more auction LOL!
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  15. Pelvis Ressley

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    Capac, Michigan
    That's what I thought. There was never a proper sequenced album until now. Half of the tracks were previously issued on Al Quaglieri's The Road I'm On compilation.
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  16. halfjapanese

    halfjapanese Gifs moider!

    Top 60 Spotlights - Predicted to reach the top 60 of the Hot 100 Chart
    Dion & The Wanderers-Tomorrow Won't Bring The Rain (Ryonen, BMI)
    Right in the vein of today's singles market, Dion has a hot entry in this folk-rock tune with strong support from The Wanderers. Powerhouse material. Flip: You Move Me Babe (Ryonen, BMI)
    - Billboard, October 30, 1965
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  17. Dennis Metz

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    Instant buy :cheers:
  18. lukpac

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    How many tracks haven't already been released?
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  19. The Zodiac

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    One: the Wilson produced version of "All I Wanna Do".
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  20. The Zodiac

    The Zodiac God's Lonely Man

    Scott Kempner also mentioned on Facebook via Andrew Sandoval's page that they are using vintage mixes and that they had multiple ones to choose from so maybe we'll find some unique mixes on this compilation, which sweetens the pot.

    Scott also specifically mentioned a mix of "So Much Younger" with featured organ which ultimately wasn't used. That is unfortunate, because I think some organ could really help that track out. IMO.
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  21. Quasimodo

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    Cool, will buy
  22. gottafeelin

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    Are all of these tracks readily available on CDs that are in print? What albums, compilations, etc... do all these songs come from?
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  23. The Zodiac

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  24. Rocknut

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    I'm a big Dion fan, but do not know were to find the following 4 songs listed in your intriguing "Fantasy Albums":

    4. Devil Got My Woman
    6. I Just Want To Make Love To You
    10. Down in the Bottom
    11. Dyin’ In The End

    I'm not familiar with these in their mid-60s Columbia guises and would love to hear them.
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  25. JoeRockhead

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