Dire Straits MFSL - 45rpm + SACD

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Joey_Corleone, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. gpauls

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    For those who like vinyl and digital depending on your preferred mastering: I already own the MSFL SACD of BIA from a couple of years ago. It sounds very nice, fuller, warmer than the original CD. Is it worth upgrading to the MFSL 45rpm given that it should feature the same mastering? Does the format (vinyl and 45rpm) provide "much" better sound?
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    Music Direct sent me a shipping notification for Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms (Numbered Hybrid SACD) with a tracking number yesterday (Dec 26th). Checked today and it shows "SHIPPING LABEL CREATED, USPS AWAITING ITEM CHICAGO, IL 60660".

    The other four Dire Straits SACD's are showing backordered.
  3. MYKE

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    Yeah, that came out in 2013 : Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms

  4. MichaelXX2

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    Well, December 31 came and went, and Amazon is now showing "Temporarily out of stock." I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up. :shake:

    Will these SACDs ever come out??
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    Any word on the SACD's? Are they holding them back for the RRHOF induction?
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    I need Love Over Gold 45 RPM Vinyl... come on Mofi!
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