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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Purple Jim, Sep 1, 2017.

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    Little Britain
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    The link is coming up very slow...
    What's the gist of the article?

  3. Purple Jim

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    Though the site has always taken down records which violated its selling terms, over the past month Discogs has adopted an increasingly hard stance on bootlegs: hip-hop records, edits, live concert recordings, even unofficial releases from artists themselves (e.g. Moodymann) have fallen to its chopping block.
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  4. Calling All Stations

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    I wonder if this will affect selling classic "live" LP titles from TAKRL, TMQ, Wizardo, etc.
  5. pinkrudy

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    Yea...i noticed it a lot just last month...a ton of stuff got removed.
    But a lot is still there.
  6. pinkrudy

    pinkrudy Forum Resident

    yes it does....a ton of those were removed.
  7. Calling All Stations

    Calling All Stations Forum Resident

    Well that sucks.
  8. matthew2600

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    Discogs is not a free market utopia, it's a database. When random people like me post records on ebay all day every day that's one thing and hard to stop but when it's one record in a database where your company owns the rights then yeah that's a lot easier to control. Discogs doesn't want to get in trouble, collectorsfrenzy and popsike aren't a marketplace they're an archive of prices so yeah just use those from now on if you need to know what boots go for.
  9. The Slipperman

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    That's annoying, it's not like these records don't exist. Why don't they just not allow selling/buying of unofficial releases and still list them in the DB?
  10. klockwerk

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    The arguments against Discogs for taking unauthorized recordings down and thus unavailable for sale are lame. The right to sell bootlegs IS NOT akin to free speech. The Vinyl Factory should be embarrassed to print this poorly reasoned excuse for people to steal.
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  11. patient_ot

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    The sad thing is this is going to lead to more people listing fakes and counterfeits as official/legit versions.
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  12. gregorya

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    just watch out for counterfeit bootlegs... ;)
  13. giantleech

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    Any release listed as being "unofficial" in the Discogs database will still be listed in the database itself but you will not be able to buy or sell such items on the site. All unofficial items are being removed in successive waves from being able to be bought and sold on the site at this time.
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  14. giantleech

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    Shysters and the hopelessly confused (or hasty) have been listing items for sale under improper discographical designations ever since the Discogs market began. Some will try to get around the new rule by listing unofficial items under the headings of official items by noting that the item for sale is "new/year whatever RE," etc. until someone clicks the "report item" link to have the item removed from sale for not being the actual discographically correct item.
  15. MYKE

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    As evidenced by my Delicate Sound Of Thunder CD / DVD set remaining in my collection. My only boot I believe.
  16. surfling

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    that is exactly what they are doing - what makes you think otherwise?
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  17. citizensmurf

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    Everyone keeps saying "removed". Do they just mean "removed from the marketplace"? I have no issue with that. Just like the digital releases, they are not allowed to be sold. But the database itself is a great resource for what physically exists in your collection.
  18. citizensmurf

    citizensmurf Forum Resident

    True. Like the recent Coil reissues, which are only listed as Unofficial because Peter and John are dead. Now these will be even more expensive because you can only sell them on eBay. So like the war on drugs, it would actually make the bootleg marketplace even more money, rather than weakening it.
  19. giantleech

    giantleech Lord of all fevers and plagues

    Correct: removed from the marketplace but still remains in the viewable database as an acknowledged discographical item that physically exist in the material world.
  20. nolazep

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    I had 4 listings removed from my store :hide:
  21. RPM

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    "Because we feel we cannot profit or support the sale of this we have always removed any sales history."
    He he, this Chad guy is playing an angel, forgetting the 15 years of collecting fees on bootlegs.
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  22. steveharris

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    I love those recordings as long as they are presented with the right sources/mastering.Counterfeits are a waste.I won`t bother saying these things are viral all over the place.I`m happy to support EMI Sony or whomever if they put out a nice set.Jeez how much spent and how many official records and cds did we fans purchase this year alone?
    The fall releases are coming.I`m the first to pre order a Master Of puppets Boxset or I`m definitely in if a Rolling Stones Live On Air Vinyl should it happen regardless of how many semi legit European records already flood the market!
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