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    First of all, let me guess: That Gaucho has a gold MCA stamp, right? That's not a promo stamp. A lot of Steely Dan reissues have those. Happened sometime around 1980 when MCA bought out ABC. Their lazy way of re-branding ABC sleeves. And, Gaucho was released in 1980, so perfect timing. This is probably your issue Title: Steely Dan - GauchoUrl: https://www.discogs.com/Steely-Dan-Gaucho/release/6363176

    Also, to search for a proper issue, you can literally type the entire matrix out to narrow it down. So, for instance with Hotel California you could type this: 1S 7E 1084 A -4 RE CSM "IS IT SIX O'CLOCK YET? STERLING LH. Then, its just matching up the right sleeve by checking pictures & notes for variations. Or, you can use the "find your version" feature which allows you to narrow down by format, country, year, and several other details.
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    Mmmm, I'll have to look. Could be, though mine is minus the sticker in the photo. I've not had much luck entering the entire matrix....always says there's no matches, so I gave up trying to do it that way. I tend to use the find your version tool, but then it's still dozens (sometimes) to wade through......

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